They were instructed by Lieber to resign to cede their positions to Nasrallah and Doris Gutierrez

They were instructed by Lieber to resign to cede their positions to Nasrallah and Doris Gutierrez

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – After announcing that Salvador Nasrallah and Doris Gutierrez will merge the presidential formula of the Libertad y refundación (Libre) party, after a de facto alliance, the candidates for the candidates of the political entity, Lucky City and Natalie RockThey submitted their resignations this Thursday National Electoral Council (CNE) to give up their positions.

Previous appointees have gone to the Electoral College to follow up on the proceedings of the law and that leaders of the Honduran El Salvador Party and the Innovative Unity Party (Pino) ​​are occupying the spaces in Chiomara Castro’s formula.

The above was part of the agreement signed in a hotel in the capital, where an alliance was created for the second time between them Lieber, Salvador Nasrallah and The Benno.

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“We have come to accomplish our military mission of building that popular victory that is the mandate given to us in the ballot boxes, on the networks, in every visit we make in all the municipalities in all the administrations that unanimously said we let our resignation into the hands of the National Electoral Council,” he said. “We unite to defeat the dictatorship.”

For her part, Rocky said that for her “it is our pleasure to be able to carry out the mission we have taken upon us with the support of the membership of the Free Party and the confidence of the leadership.”

The former presidential candidate appointed by Lieber emphasized that positions were always available. “Lieber’s military mandate Xiomara has always been unwavering in his presidential candidacy, but those of us who accompany him at various levels have always made our positions available.”

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Less than 45 days before the general election, he was a candidate for president El Salvador Honduran Party (PSH), Salvador Nasrallah, announced that he had rejected his presidential aspirations to join a de facto alliance with the Free Party led by Xiomara Castro de Zelaya.

Nasrallah said, during the conference, that he will be the first to be appointed in the formula of the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, and that he will take decisions in Congress with his deputies.

For his part, Castro said that with the TV presenter, “he will form a government of national integration, but above all we will build a government of reconciliation because a divided house does not prosper.”

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