They will start helping those with swine fever

They will start helping those with swine fever

Tomorrow, Tuesday, compensation will begin to be handed over to pig farmers in Sanchez Ramirez County, after a large number of animals were slaughtered, as a way to deal with African swine fever.

Pig breeders will receive their contributions from the official committee to combat the outbreak of African swine fever, coordinated by Agriculture Minister Limbert Kreuz.

The official visited this area over the weekend, where he held meetings with pig farmers to determine disease control programmes.

Cruz reported the arrival in the country of a Spanish technician specializing in swine disease research, who will provide his services to prevent the spread of fever.

The official met with pig breeders in the province of Espaillat, where an outbreak of plague was detected and measures were coordinated to prevent its spread, as the most productive area for pigs consists of that province with Santiago and La Vega.

He also assured the directors of the associations that gather pig farmers that the government will take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease and compensate all those infected appropriately.

The Minister of Agriculture has not yet traveled to the Northwest, the region where African swine fever was first detected, which has caused losses to breeders, although that region does not have a high level of production as the Central Cibao region.

In the middle of last week, President Luis Abenader created a committee made up of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Army of the Dominican Republic and the Emergency Operations Center to eradicate African swine fever in the country.

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The information was published by the Director of Communications in the Presidency Milagros German, who indicated that the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, presented an official plan in this regard.

For this work, he said, the US government has donated high-tech equipment that will allow the disease to be detected quickly.

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