‘This is coming at the best time of my life’; Introduced by Vucetich

‘This is coming at the best time of my life’;  Introduced by Vucetich

Victor Manuel Vusetich Is back inside Scratched Nearly nine years later, he officially started Second level with the club He led to his golden age, which he promises came at the best time of his life.

This is coming at the best time of my lifeBeing on the team I want to be back to is the closest thing to my loved ones and it makes me very calm. Make that commitment look like it was in the first place. I will try to resume that respect with that respect. I feel very determined and happy, ”he said.

Was at the event Jose GonzalezChairman of the Board of Directors, and Deulio DavinoGame President, who presented Welcome to King MidasHe is responsible for raising the size of the campus, which he believes has been downgraded due to a trust issue.

I have full confidence in the team, it is very rich, one of the richest, Not just economics, sports. He has made many achievements in his sporting career. Today there is very little time to discover anything with the naked eye, and I know that faith is a factor that interferes. Know how to look for solutions“, He added.

The Woos training staff Will be created Aldo de Nigris As a corporate assistant, as well Carlos Barra and Sergio Almaguer As technical assistants, when Milton Chroniolati It will be a physical trainer.

They should be measured by their ability, not by their age: Vusetich

About Doubts What could be around His talent as DD Experienced, they are generally listed as strategists who have not improved to modern methods, commented Victor Manuel. They should be measured by their ability, not by age.

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People’s opinion is respectable, but the truth is very differentIn large companies People Drivers MatureBut with Lots of potential And people should be measured by ability, not by age. Back to football, “he commented.


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