Video: This is how the earthquake occurred at CDMX during the broadcast of ‘Hoy’

Video: This is how the earthquake occurred at CDMX during the broadcast of ‘Hoy’

Once again, Mexico City went through critical moments after recording an earthquake with its epicenter in the states of Veracruz and Puebla, a situation that raised the alerts of motorists. “Today” programwho were surprised by a strong tremor seen in the streets of Mexico City without any major damage reported so far.

A few minutes after the start of the broadcast, the numbers on the morning Televisa newscast heard the seismic warning to evacuate their premises; The moments of pain were shared on their social networks.

in their social networks, The most watched Spanish-language morning newspaper has published many stories in which it appears The moment drivers and production members leave the Televisa forums to protect themselves.

In the photos we see characters of the stature of Andrea Escalona, ​​Raúl “Negro” Ariza and Arrath de la Torre leaving the TV Forum.; Each asks their fans for peace of mind and to respect safety protocols.

after the earthquake The entire Hoy crew appeared on screen and discussed their experience with the movement; They also advised their viewers to remain calm Well, fortunately, it was all a little scary.

The Mexican Seismological Service reported in its social networks that the epicenter was north of Isla Island in the state of Veracruz; Its strength was 5.7 and it started just after 8:40 AM this morning.

Moments after the earthquake, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico, ruled out recording damage, so no damage was reported in the areas where it was monitored.

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VLA driver sends a message to Tania Rincon

Before millions of followers followed him on social media, Tania Rincon shared a photo she took from the “Hoy” forums.where he is seen smiling while enjoying his new face as one of the new faces on Televisa Morning Show; The post did not go unnoticed by anyone as a driver from Venga La Alegría was immediately present.

Chef Mariano was present at the post and sent a message to his partner, who appears to have left good friends in the competition and is in charge of preparing the delicious dishes on Ajusco’s morning.

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