This is how all the children of Louis Miguel look now People | entertainment

This is how all the children of Louis Miguel look now  People |  entertainment

El Sol de México has three children.

El Sol de México, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, is one of the artists of the moment after the premiere of the second season of his autobiographical series on Netflix, in which many intimate details about his life are revealed: spouses, profession and his three children.

The children of this music star were moving away from the show business, some of them no longer had a direct relationship with the singer. Louis Miguel Three sons: Daughter with the singer too Stephanie Salas And another two with actress Araceli Arambola.

Michel Salas, for Luis Miguel: Don’t believe everything you see

At present, Michel Salas, the eldest daughter of Luis Miguel, does not hold the father’s title; He is 31 years old and has managed to position himself as a Model and icon with a luxurious lifestyleAs a result of his work with major brands.

Salas was born on June 13, 1989. She studied Fashion Design in New York. Later on, she was able to perform as a model, Effect Fashionable and Blogger.

Regarding the relationship between father and daughter, the model confirmed that there was no contact between them after the disagreements over the series. According to the offers portal I’m crimsonThe relationship between these parties split completely because of the series, as the model did not like how her mother was portrayed in the project.

Miguel and Daniel are the youngest in the Galicia clan (nickname Luis Miguel), as a result of their relationship with actress Araceli Arambola.

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The relationship between Aracely and Luis Miguel began in 2005 and became official when some pictures in Venice filled the covers of the show. But with each start coming to an end, in 2009 the couple decided to separate and continue their respective paths.

The appearance of the children of Arámbula is not very well known to the fans, as the actress pays great attention to their privacy. However, through Instagram, you can see some special moments that they share. (E)

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