This is how Instagram makes a Twitter killer

This is how Instagram makes a Twitter killer

With the code names of P92 and Barcelona, instagram Elon Musk’s social network is gearing up to launch an app to assassinate Twitter and hold all its discontents.

This Instagram plugin will be released in June or July and will be a text service where you can share multimedia content.

Instagram users will use the same username and get the same followers on the new text-based social network. If it is a verified account, it will also be verified on the new platform. Accounts you have blocked on Instagram will also be blocked on this new site.

As shared by Bloomberg, andsurgery The P92 is based on the ability to post text messages of up to 500 characters, as well as images, links and short videos up to five minutes in length. The basic idea of ​​this social network, according to Meta, is that it is “an Instagram for your ideas and thoughts.”

The first leaked images were shared by digital media marketing expert Leah Haberman Your sub-layer And on Twitter. As you can see in the picture, the feature of this site is essentially similar to Twitter. Chronology It shows you the possibility of creating text conversations with your followers for posts and replying to them.

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