The failure of the CUPET plant affects Havana’s gas supply

The failure of the CUPET plant affects Havana’s gas supply

plant breakdown manufactured gas affiliate Union Cuba Petroleum (CUPET) affected supply fuel local in Havanareported the state-owned company.

Shortly after Sunday afternoon at the Puerto Escondido factory, there it was Compressor system switch failed that affected the service, CUPET said in a launch Sunday broadcast on his personal Facebook page.

According to the company, this fault causes “only 40% pick-up at gas production plants, so if it is not resolved in the early hours of the morning, customers may be partially or fully affected.”

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The entity did not provide details about the crash or how long users of this service can go without fuel to cook their food.

Also this past January Malfunction of the gas pipeline between Puerto Escondido and Boca de Jaruco Shell this service in the Cuban capital.

The Capital Company for Industrial Gases stated on that occasion that the collapse occurred in that part of the gas pipeline, without giving details of the cause, although it confirmed that work is underway to resolve the situation in the shortest possible time.

after ten days , And that same company stated that part of the service in the Cuban capital was still affected Because the work on the breakdown of the fuel connector to the city is not over yet.

“The service has not been restored yet. We continue to work without interruption until the completion of the complex works in Cristina and Cuatro Caminos,” he noted in Facebook The company, which has already reported full impact in five municipalities in Havana.

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last november, Seven municipalities in the capital The Cuban company has also been subjected to a partial or total interruption of manufactured gas due to work at the ENERGAS plant in Boca de Jaruco, in Mayapec, to ensure greater reliability in the distribution of natural gas to users.

In a statement, ENERGAS stated at the time that the state sector would limit gas service consumption to allocate all production to the population.

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