This is how Leclerc beat Red Bull in Austria; Checo Perez had to leave

This is how Leclerc beat Red Bull in Austria;  Checo Perez had to leave

Ferrari and Charles Leclerc are in a hurry to cut the championship points; Leclerc appears to be on pace to win when Czecho drops out of the competition due to the opening event.


Charles Leclerc wins the Austrian Grand Prix


  1. Leclerc

  2. Verstappen

  3. Hamilton

Checo Perez was out of the battle from the start as Russell collided with the Mercedes team. Red Bull asked him to withdraw from the race.

Last lap…

The electronics are now starting to fail in that Ferrari: “downshifts are denied,” says Leclerc; “Yes, because it doesn’t brake well enough”; “Turn 3 is very difficult,” says Charles Leclerc. Only a couple of rounds left.

Max Verstappen has already trimmed that to 2.7 seconds. There are 3 full rounds left.

“Sometimes the accelerator gets stuck; try to remove what you can with your foot,” they tell Leclerc over the radio. And it didn’t end there…Leclerc’s lack of braking in the corners didn’t take them as well as they should have.

Leclerc complains on the radio that the throttle feels weird. At Red Bull they have already notified Verstappen and told him to keep up the pressure: the two have a 3.5 second gap at almost the same pace.

Lap 60/71: Race restarts. Leclerc is 4 seconds ahead of Verstappen with the new media, who also brings the media mix.

Pit stops: Leclerc and Verstappen go from pit and hard to medium mix. Everything happens under the Virtual Safety Car. So they did not lose their positions. This will be the final run between them.

Lap 58: Sinz Jr was already attacking Verstappen’s Red Bull for second when the Ferrari gradually lost speed as the engine spun. The same thing that ended in fire. Goodbye to Ferrari’s 1-2 at the Red Bulls.

Lap 53: Leclerc regains the lead, Verstappen tries to follow in the Ferrari’s footsteps, but it’s impossible.

Lap 50/71: Charles Leclerc to pit. They are headed for another tough game. Verstappen goes to Ferrari, but definitely to Red Bull. Eventually, it ran into two stops. On the next lap, Sains took the field.

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Fernando Alonso P5, with good pace. He started the finale. Good recovery for the Spanish rider.

Max Verstappen for the pits. Move on to another batch of hard mix. Ferrari 1-2 with 34 laps to go.

Charles Leclerc attacks Verstappen again… and takes the race lead. Overtaking is not a problem for Ferrari. The day for Red Bull at home is uncertain.

Red bull Already removed the car Czech PerezBadly damaged after the incident with Russell.

Carlos Sainz also pits. Max Verstappen leads by 4.9 seconds with P1. Verstappen asks: “How many laps do I have to do?” ‘Mad Max’ knows that if it’s not a deterrent, the race will be lost.

Charles Leclerc, for pits; Lap 27 out of 71. They go from medium to hard. Verstappen passes him but Leclerc won’t stop anymore and Max has to pit once again.

Max Verstappen is already 12.7 seconds behind Leclerc in P3. According to radio reports, Red Bull will make another pit stop with that No. 1 car. Ferrari in a one-stop window, if we follow Pirelli’s lead.

Max Verstappen tackled Hamilton’s Mercedes hard for the defending champion. Of course Lewis won’t make it easy on his 2021 rival. Ferrari escaped with a 1-2 lead ahead of Leclerc.

Verstappen returned to seventh. Behind the battle between Hamilton and Schumacher won by the Englishman. Lots of traffic for Max. Stopping so early doesn’t seem like the best decision, but they probably think they’ll go all the way on the hard tire. This still does not seem to be a successful strategy.

Max Verstappen to the pits, it’s just lap 14: they go to the hard tire.

George Russell It has already gone through the pit. Yes, it was Ceco was penalized for hitting Perez five extra seconds at the pitstop; They also changed the front wing and went for a hard compound.

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Lap 12: Charles Leclerc passes Max Verstappen to take the race lead.

Lap 10/71: Max Verstappen is attacked by Charles Leclerc, who has already tried in third… The fight continues.

Checo Pérez for pits. Go from medium to hard mix.

Start: Verstappen takes the lead and Russell hits Sins. Russell then collided with Checo Perez and the Mexican lost heavily in the action. He stayed in Lehka, but he managed to get the car out.

Only Zhou, Tsunoda, Vettel and Alonso have hard rubber. The rest starts with socks.

Track – fifth shortest in the championship – one of the fastest laps, just 70 seconds; And a total of 71 turns are scheduled to complete the 306.4 kilometer Grand Prix track on Sunday.

Pirelli They opted for the soft range for this round, and they mark the ideal racing plan stop: between 24 and 32 go from a medium to a hard tyre. There are two other options, in which the initial stage is done with hard rubber, then it is changed to medium or soft – in these strategies you need to extend the initial stage-.

Short but fast three DRS zones Red bull ring. Let’s hope we don’t see a ‘TRS train’ (cars one after the other all difficult to overtake with TRS).

A few clouds form near the circuit. There is no forecast for rain on Sunday, but the situation is not far off now. Let’s see how the day goes in Spielberg, Austria.

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Grill release

  1. Verstappen

  2. Leclerc

  3. Signs

  4. Russell

  5. Perez

  6. or with

  7. Magnussen

  8. Hamilton

  9. Schumacher

  10. Norris

  11. Ricciardo

  12. Stroll

  13. Joe

  14. like gas

  15. Alban

  16. Sunoda

  17. Latifi

  18. cutting

  19. Alonso

  20. Boots

*Bottas changed the engine, rear wing specification and suspension for which he was penalized and will start from the pitlane.

Dutch Max Verstappen Formula One is looking to strengthen its leadership in the world championship from the top of the grid. Austrian Grand PrixThis is controversial Red bull ring, the circuit belonging to his group; He won the sprint test after resisting an early attack by the Monacosquin Ferraris Charles Leclerc and from Spanish Carlos Sainz, second and third this Saturday; From those positions they will face their eleventh match of the year.

Meanwhile, Mexican Sergio Perez It was able to minimize the damage of punishment FIA By finishing fifth in the qualifying round Sprint And the third row of the grid will start on Sunday. On three occasions, the Mexican has had a best finish of sixth and six times he has added points in eight appearances.

The man from Guadalajara is second in the championship F1Closely following his teammate, Max Verstappen, Absolute Leader; Czech Perez He has 151 points to 189 for the Dutchman and reigning world champion Formula 1.

The Red bull ring It’s a 4,318-metre circuit with ten corners – seven of them right-handers – that ‘Mad Max’ started laying the groundwork for last year by winning two of his races – one of which was the Grand Prix. StyriaThis is the area where it is located Spielberg-, a title that would eventually end up complicated and not decided in his favor until the very last lap of the last race.

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