This is how the Adamari López luxury car looks inside!

This is how the Adamari López luxury car looks inside!

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The presenter gave a small tick to her car, which is valued at more than $ 130,000

This is how the Adamari López luxury car looks inside!

This is what the Adamari López luxury car looks like from the inside! (Photo. Adamari López-Instagram)

Famous presenter Adamari Lopez showed her followers the interior design of her luxury car, which is valued at more than $ 130,000.

In the many videos he uploaded to his Instagram stories, you can see the cleansing he carried out on one of his cars with the help of a specialist, but everyone was dazzled by the details of the car inside and by noticing the mark with the mark. Driver.

It is a Tesla Model X, and is considered the company’s most powerful model, and it costs about $ 130,000.

As if that were not enough, in the recording it can also be seen that the Costa Lopez family owns at least three other cars, with the exception of the luxury Tesla.

in the last days Adamari opened up about her past with famous singer Luis Fonsi. During an interview with Maria Celeste Araras, the Telemundo hostess spoke about how she overcame her split with a translator. who told you that.

“In those moments, what I wanted was to hide things from myself so that I wouldn’t let it hurt me. I stuck a lot with Daddy God, and my family, who were always by my side, and at some point I also had to visit a psychiatrist because all those things I wanted to keep So as not to talk to myself and not encounter them affecting, and if I didn’t remove them and if I didn’t free myself from it, I understood that I wouldn’t be able to overcome them even when I was someone who didn’t believe in going to a psychiatrist, ”Adamari shared. “I thought it was like something more serious, that I could solve my own problems, and that with the people around me I felt confident speaking up enough to be able to take away all this pain that I had, and the truth is I didn’t. It was like this.”

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Today, as the passage of time allows her to see what happened from another perspective, Adamari not only holds any kind of grudge in her heart, she is grateful for everything she has learned that this situation has been so painful in the remaining time. In her life.

“One has to let go of this resentment, this pain and more knowing that the person involved may not have done anything maybe because of his bad desire to hurt me, but when I keep it too much, he may not allow me to see things clearly. There are things happening that the person does not want. The other is also and you do not have to force it, then let go and open your arms to all those new and wonderful things that one can get from life. “

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