Hurlingham Healthcare System Improvement | Stretch …

Hurlingham Healthcare System Improvement |  Stretch …

mayor HurlinghamJuan Zabaleta and the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Services of the Province of Buenos Aires, Agustin Simon, inaugurate business Expansion and remodeling of Dr. Angel Poe’s Primary Health Care Center, Located in the town of William Morris, which increases the capacity and quality of care provided to neighbors. over there A new body was built with five offices, an emergency room, a bedroom, two bathrooms, an office and a kitchen for the staff. Additionally, construction and rebuilding improvements have been made to the old building to revamp the place and incorporate it into the new space.

“These works are being carried out within the framework of the program launched by Governor Axel Kisilov, with Minister Simon, which includes the massive expansion of this health center and five others in Hurlingham, Villa Tessi and William Morris, in addition to the creation of a new center,” the mayor said. He added, “We thank all health workers for their efforts. In these moments of re-growth, we are vaccinating and taking charge of the health situation and improving the quality of care based on the provincial government’s decision to work with the municipalities.”

For his part, Minister Simon said: “Very happy to attend this inauguration, once again the governor’s commitment to health, who said from day one that health is one of the pillars of the regional government. I would also like to express my appreciation for the work of Daniel Golan and Nicholas Kripblak, who allowed us to open this center. The new health system, its modification and improvement, and with a lot of commitment from “Guanshi” with the municipality, which allows us to do these things.

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Work at ngel Bo is part of a program to expand, redesign and strengthen all primary care centers From the municipality, which will be added to the construction of new care centers and spaces.

Participating in the activity was the municipal secretary for urban infrastructure and public works, Luis Pereira. Director of San Bernardino Municipal Hospital, Ricardo Ansu; Honorable Speaker of the Consultative Council Damien Selji; Board members Sebastian Gaona and Carolina Castro.

In addition, relatives of Angel Poe were present, a famous physician and former Moroni MP with an important profession at the helm of hospitals, healthcare places and community work in several prestigious civic institutions.

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