This is how the tremor felt today in the Dominican Republic

This is how the tremor felt today in the Dominican Republic

a Earthquake A magnitude of 5.2 was recorded Thursday morning in the municipality of Altamira, Puerto Plata province.

The telluric movement that has been confirmed before National Seismology Center of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD)at a depth of 10.8 km east of the aforementioned area.

Users of various social networks reported feeling the Earthquake In different cities in Cibao, including La Vieja, Santiago, Moca, Navarrete, Imbert, Puerto Plata, etc.

Next, we share some of the reactions netizens had.

@employee: “I felt so powerful in La Vega!”

@employee“They woke me up early with a shake. From Mocha.

@employee: “The swing that awakens people to leave us with our hearts racing”

@employee: «But what strength did she tremble!!!».

@employee: “how strong the shiver is”

@employee: “We all woke up!”

@employee“The hit I hope for.”

@employeeTweeta fell out of bed.

@delkisnunez: I felt #strong tremor in Santo Domingo Norte

crynly: gets very dizzy when waking up from the #shake

FSULSONA # Mild tremor was felt in Santo Domingo Oeste

@petrvs55: The tremor felt strong

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According to the information obtained, the earthquake also caused several cracks in the housing in the municipality of Imbert, Puerto Plata.

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