Crazy NBA Theory: Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s Unacknowledged Son?

Crazy NBA Theory: Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s Unacknowledged Son?

The Miami Heat star’s resemblance to MJ, who never knew his father, gives life to an unusual belief that no one has disproved.

Is Jimmy Butler the unacknowledged son of Michael Jordan? Well, here you will not find a definite answer to such a question. What you will see is Coincidences and similarities between the two that reinforce a More conspiracy theory than realityBut when seeing the arguments of those who support it No one dared to forcefully refute it. let’s see.

How the legend of Jimmy Butler was born as the unacknowledged son of Michael Jordan

Let’s get to the beginning of this legend that never stops ringing. It all started in 2016when the argument terezowens Report bombing: Michael Jordan gave birth to a son in 1989 as a result of infidelity During his relationship with Juanita Fanoy, the mother of his eldest son, Jeffrey. MJ didn’t want to know about this kid and seek money to keep the truth a secret.

According to the mentioned site, Jordan paid the mother until the boy was 13 years old. What did the woman do next? Throw him out of the house. Here you have to join the stories, because Same age as Jimmy Butler His mother spoke to him in words he never thought to hear: “I don’t like the way you look. I want you to go away.”revealed at the time when the basketball player was born Houston, the city Jordan visited several times in 1989. Undoubtedly the strongest fact of the theory.

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In February of that year, MJ was in Houston for the All-Star in February, and seven months later, on September 14th, Jimmy was born. However, it should be clarified that there is some information that does not add: Butler was not yet seven months old, based on reports. This fact makes the story lose some force, although one more remains in favor of the followers.

Nobody knew Butler’s father, and his name was never known. This is how Jimmy ended up on the streetWhich led him to rely on the kindness of his friends to have a roof to sleep in, until he was “adopted” by a family with seven children. Practice and become a player NBAchosen in 2011 draft by the Chicago Bullsthe privilege in which it is Michael Jordan has become a legend. Could it have something to do with the elections?

Jordan Butler

Besides the said story fitting you right in, it’s impossible to ignore the Physical resemblance between Butler and Jordan. First of all, this should not be overlooked Both of them managed to show off their amazing talent with the orange ball. Then, how similar are they if we compare them The body, the face, the competitiveness and even the way of playing.

Finally, it is added None of those involved have lost credibility to this version in all these years. The legend appears every time Butler breaks it inside the rectangle, as he does in this one NBA Playoffs with Eastern Conference Finalist Miami Heatwhich he will face Boston Celtics.

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Michael Jordan has five recognized children: three with Juanita (married between 1989 and 2006) and two with Yvette Prieto (2013-present). The first, Geoffrey, born in 1988, didn’t accept it at firstBut the lawyer had to get involved. Could the same thing happen to Jimmy Butler, but with a different outcome? For now, only the protagonists know. People, let them talk.

Jordan Butler

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