This is how they commit fraud in buying and selling channels on Facebook

This is how they commit fraud in buying and selling channels on Facebook

Juarez City. – The Minister of Public Security (SSPE), via the Electronic Police Unit, issued an alert to users of buying and selling channels on the social network Facebook, about frauds carried out by people requesting fake products and deposits. for seller accounts.

Thanks to virtual patrols by SSPE Cyber ​​Police personnel, cybercriminals on Facebook have been exposed to be executing fraud in sales interactions across the social network, as detailed in a statement.

The company explained that the victim was contacted by the buyer and pretended to make a bank transfer to purchase the product they had for sale.

Through transportation services such as Uber, Didi and Indriver, among others, cybercriminals demand to pick up the product, and if the seller refuses, they threaten it, saying that it belongs to a public security organization.

By this, they intimidate the seller so that he does not refuse to hand over the product to the application driver and thus receive it without paying for it.

The recommendations of the Internet Police are: do not send items for sale until payment is guaranteed, do not accept mobile phone payments or checks, do not share any verification code and report scams on the website where they will be tracked.

The number 614-429-3300 at ext. 10955 and email [email protected] are also available to the public for questions or complaints.

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