This is the first power station in El Salvador

This is the first power station in El Salvador

This is the first power plant in El Salvador. Photo LPG / K. Funes.

Electric power distribution company AES El Salvador has installed the first power plant in Santa Tecla, at the Texaco La Skina plant, which has a capacity of 7.4 Kw.

This device fully recharges in four hours, providing an autonomy of up to 412 kilometers. AES wants through this and other charging stations, which are acquired and distributed in public and private places, to promote electric mobility in the country, which means 80% savings in terms of the cost of gasoline and concern for the environment.

“It is a plan that we started last year and so far we have invested $1.2 million in the purchase of 15 vehicles and about 19 charging stations,” said Roberto Sandoval, CEO of AES Soluciones.

For now and while creating a culture of electric mobility, AES will provide this service for free. AES CEO Abraham Bishara explained that if it wasn’t free, a full load sedan like the Hyundai Ionic would cost $5.60 or a maximum of $6 (you need 29 KwHour and each KwHour costs $0.20). With gasoline it can be about $60.


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