This is the daily routine of Elon Musk, the richest man in the world

This is the daily routine of Elon Musk, the richest man in the world

Elon Musk He is the richest person in the world, according to estimates ForbesThanks to his multiple works and his talent to take advantage of each of them as Tesla, SpaceX, NeuroscienceToner and potential total purchase of Twitter.

although owner of a lot of money His life is secured by the empire from which he was created $230.8 billion in real timeis, according to Forbes And his list of billionaires in 2022, he also has a lot of work running each company and sending rockets into space in cooperation with ContainerIn addition to having a life as a father and even as a social media influencer (Twitter).

What is the daily routine of Elon Musk?

Much has been said about the entrepreneur, his way of running each company and the way he works with each company to keep them on top of success. It has been said that he sleeps in a building Tesla So as not to waste time between transfers and invest everything in Technological developments.

If there is something real in the speculation, it is A billionaire is a productive man Anytime in the world and always thinking about the future and the infinite things to do.

He sleeps six hours every night and then wakes up at the clock 7 am To attend to the most urgent matters of any of your companies Email messages Listed as “critical”. For this he invests only half an hour.

By breakfast time, Elon is taking a moment I only drink coffeeBecause most days he’s too busy to eat anything else.

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Both breakfast and lunch last five minutes; He is at dinner where he spends more time and eats more.

accordingly richest man in the world He greets his kids and says goodbye to going to school when they’re together, or else he takes a quick shower and drives his own car to work, often without a driver or security, according to an interview with glass doorwhich is a website for businesswomen that also put it among the sites Most Liked CEO for your employees.

When you get to work, you plan for the rest of your day, between meetings and visits to certain areas of your life companies and factoriestrips abroad, meetings with investors, or any other business-related activities. Each meeting lasts max five minutes

In the interview with glass door. Elon said that scheduling every minute or hour of the day is important to phase productivity In the short and long term. A week, between musk 85 and 100 hours.

Focus on the signal over the noise. Don’t waste time on things that don’t make things better.”

During another interview with Sam Altman, president built pthe businessman revealed that he usually spends his time in an area engineeringdesign and develop their companies and don’t worry about spending time on marketing or sales matters.

“In fact, I spend almost the majority of my time, like 80 percent, on engineering and designing next-generation products.”

Tesla is the company most important to Elon and that demands his attention the most, so he leaves the days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays only to attend waiting for said company; The rest of the days are invested in their own projects SpaceX In terms of cooperation with the organization open aiResearch and development specialist Artificial intelligence.

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When your day ends in office. headquarters. center Or anyway in the factories the South African comes home, takes his time to dinner and tries to go to bed with all hanging resolved, Just enough to sleep six hours.

As for his hobbies and vacation days, Elon Musk Spend the weekend with everyone their childrenAlthough he does not stop working or knowing his companies.

Some of his hobbies include reading, going to the gym, watching movies, going out with friends, playing video games, going to social events and Hollywoodbe active in Twitter or spending time with your mother, may hold And with his brothers Tosca and Kambal Musk.

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