This is the schedule in the NBA conference semifinals

This is the schedule in the NBA conference semifinals

After four games in the conference semifinals NBAEmotion was at its highest levels in three of the four matches, with three draws of 2-2 and 3-1 in favor of Boston Against Cleveland. That guarantees at least two more games that would extend the intense duels into the weekend, the only doubt being the potential response from some of the tough Cavaliers who have fallen victim to serious injuries to Jarrett Allen and Donovan Mitchell.

Painting in the East

  • (1) Boston Celtics 3-1 Cleveland Cavaliers (4)
  • (2) New York Knicks 2-2 Indiana Pacers (6)

Painting in the West

  • (1) Oklahoma City Thunder 2-2 Dallas Mavericks (5)
  • (2) Denver Nuggets 2-2 Minnesota Timberwolves (3)

However, the scenario is very different in each of the currently tied qualifying rounds. the New York Knicksfor example, successfully defended the local court worker, however Indiana Pacers They responded in their fiefdom, taking advantage of the noticeable physical problems of a large portion of the team pushed to the limit by Tom Thibodeau.

The opposite happens in Denver-Minnesota, in which the Timberwolves stole two home games from the Nuggets but then saw the defending champions return to the road. The first to win at home can give a decisive or final push to advance to the next round.

And the scene is not the same at all Oklahoma City-Dallas, as the Mavericks now travel to the Thunder fiefdom after dealing equal blows with the competitor. OKC won the first, but the Mavs responded with two straight wins before the enemy struck back yesterday morning.

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History and mathematics leave two very clear scenarios for all teams: 82% of franchises Who played the fifth match after a 2-2 draw, ended up qualifying for the final stage. In the case of the Celtics, their favoritism is even greater. Those with a positive score of 3-1 passed the round 91% of the time.

Schedule of upcoming matches

Early morning on Wednesday the 15th in Spain:

  • New York v. Indiana (02:00 h)
  • denver vs. Minnesota (04:30 h)

Early morning on Thursday the 16th in Spain:

  • boston vs. Cleveland (1:00 p.m.)
  • oklahoma city vs. Dallas (03:30 h)

All matches of these qualifiers can be followed through the NBA League Pass and Movistar+ platform in Spain, and also through live broadcast on the Mundo Deportivo website. To view the full history of these qualifiers, visit: You can follow this link.

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