Twelve groups are demanding that the Chancellor be questioned over his vote for Palestine at the United Nations

Twelve groups are demanding that the Chancellor be questioned over his vote for Palestine at the United Nations

A letter was delivered on May 13 to Presidency of the Congress of the Republic at any Questioning From the owner Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Ramiro Martinez Alvarado.

Request according to block heads for eleven seats required in “urgent“After Guatemala voted in favor of the United Nations Full integration of Palestine In this Global organization.

The signatory representatives point out this There will be two topics of discussion in the interrogation.

for the first time Procedures and results of administrative and ministerial organizationIn international trade policy and other relevant policies directed by the portfolio.

Second: “The decision he made State of GuatemalaThis is done through its representative United nationsThis is during the tenth special period of the emergency sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, which was held in New York on May 10, 2024.

As he justifies, “the second issue is of a diplomatic nature The concrete actions deployed have already caused a situationAnd so they could be The subject of this investigation“.

Seat representatives We, All, Courage, Unity, Blue, Go, Elephant, Victory, Long Live, Goodness, Change and Gang They require setting a time and date for the interrogation.

Minx replied

The State Department (MINIX) spoke on Monday following the questioning request made by the Congressional benches and confirmed that, In addition to being aware of its progress, it will also provide appropriate follow-up.


On May 10, 2024, United Nations General Assembly 143 countries, including Guatemala, voted in favor of incorporating Palestine as a full state.

Of the 193 UN members, nine countries voted against the resolution, including… United States, Israel, Argentina, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Another 25 countries abstained from voting on the resolution that it co-sponsored Spain, Ireland, Norway and Belgiumin addition to more than 70 countries.

The resolution approved by the Assembly grants Palestine new powers that go beyond its current status.”Non-member observer state“This is what determines their participation in the General Assembly, but it determines that He will not have the right to vote It cannot appear Candidate for United Nations organizations.

In the approved text, the Council declares that State Palestine “To be eligible for membership in the United Nations in accordance with Article 4 of the Constituent Charter and must therefore be admitted as a Member of the United Nations”; It therefore “recommends that the Security Council reconsider the matter positively.”

In 2013, Guatemala recognized Palestine As a countryFree, independent and sovereign“, after refraining from doing so last November, when United nations (The United Nations) raised its status to “Monitoring entity“L”Non-member observer state“.

he Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala That year, Fernando Carrera, via video conference from the United Nations, said… Guatemala revised its initial position In order to support Dialogue and peace initiatives of the international community For one Peaceful exit of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Carrera then stressed that Guatemala would join “The vast majority are from Latin America and the Caribbean in Recognition of the Palestinian state As a country Free and independent“.

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The former head of Guatemalan diplomacy identified this change in position Regarding recognition for the sovereignty of Palestine It will not harm the Central American country's relations with Israel.

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