This is the trailer for Encanto, a Disney movie inspired by Colombia – Film & Television – Culture

This is the trailer for Encanto, a Disney movie inspired by Colombia – Film & Television – Culture

Disney just released the new trailer for ‘Charm’, The film was produced by the Colombian studio.

Vueltiaos hats, wax palms, balconies with colorful springs, an accordion, and the voice of Carlos Vives singing “Colombiaaaa” are some of the exciting video preview details.

Samarium is responsible for translating the movie’s theme song from the movie “Columbia, My Magic”. Actress Carolina Gaitan, who is part of the film’s Spanish-language voice cast, revealed in an interview with La W newspaper that Maria Cecilia Botero, Ange Cepeda, Mauro Castillo and Diane Guerrero also give their voices to different characters.

Official Disney “Encanto” Poster

Disney also revealed the official plot and poster for the movie. “Encanto” is the story of Madrigal, an extraordinary family who lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a charming house, in a vibrant town, in a wonderful place known as Encanto. Encanto’s magic has blessed everyone, boys and girls, in the family with a unique gift, from super strength to the ability to heal. Everyone except Mirabel. But when she discovers her family is in danger, she, the only Madrigal without magical powers, can be her last hope,” the summary explains.

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‘Charm’ It will be released in theaters next november. The film features original songs by multi-award winning Lin-Manuel Miranda and was co-directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who were behind “Zootopia”.

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Next up, the new trailer for “Encanto,” a story that underscores the deep bonds that Disney has forged with Latin America, following the resounding success of “Coco,” a heartfelt homage to Mexican culture. This is the dubbed version in Spanish with the participation of Colombian actors:

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Here is the teaser trailer in your original language:

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