This will be the agenda for Honduras next week in the qualifying rounds – Diez

This will be the agenda for Honduras next week in the qualifying rounds – Diez

Selection Honduras The focus will be from Sunday in San Pedro Sula. The coaching staff arrives Saturday afternoon/night with props to set up camp. Fitness Trainer Fabian Quito He cited 27 footballers and several comebacks have emerged.

Starting at noon on Sunday, training sessions will be held with football players at the National Stadium who are suspicious of a dispute Saturday It ends on Monday with the arrival of the Legion mentioned by the coach and on Tuesday, a day before the game against Ticos, he will have a full squad.

Watch. List of the 27 players Honduras contacted

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concentration: The football players will begin the meeting Sunday morning at the Hilton Princess Hotel in San Pedro Sula. The first to join will be players from Real España, Marathón and Olimpia who will remain on Saturday night after playing the El Classic against the auringros.

Legion Arrival: Denel Maldonado from Everton de Chile is already in the country; On Sunday will arrive Brian Acosta, Danilo Acosta, Rommel Coyoto; Rigoberto Rivas, Andy Najjar and Alex Lopez. On Monday, Minor Figueroa, Punic Garcia, Alberth Ellis, Debbie Flores, and Brian Moya were merged.

The Honduran national team will travel to Mexico one day after facing Costa Rica in order to regain the points they lost at home. image file

exercise: On Sunday afternoon, the first practice starts with 13 footballers. The seven are from Olympia, two are from Real Spain, three are from Motagua, and one is a marathon in addition to Denel Maldonado who has been in the country since last week.

Match against Costa Rica: Starting this Tuesday, with a full squad, Fabian Cueto will start stopping the team he will be able to do on Thursday against the Ticos. They will train between the Olympic Stadium and the Freedom School Square in this city. Match against Ticos at 6.05pm.

A trip to Cuernavaca Mexico: On Friday afternoon, the day after the game against Tecos, the national team departs on a chartered flight to Cuernavaca, Mexico. There he will concentrate for three days to prepare for the match against the Aztecs. They will be staying at Camino Real Sumiya Hotel and training at Mariano Matamoros Stadium.

The Honduran national team will train at the Estadio Mariano Matamoros in Cuernavaca. TENN Image Archive

Traveling from Cuernavaca to Mexico City: The team will leave after training on Sunday morning for the Mexican capital, and there it will concentrate in a hotel to prepare for the meeting on Sunday, October 10 at 5:00 pm. The team will have a special plan to address the issue of altitude using hyperbaric chambers.

Back to San Pedro Sula: The day after the match against the Mexicans, the national team returns to Honduras and on Monday they will already be working on the game against Jamaica, the third of the FIFA date. The Caribbean will come from playing at home against Canada.

Match against Jamaica: The Caribbean team will meet on Wednesday at the 13th at the Olympic Stadium, and the meeting will be held at 6.05 pm. On that date, Fabian Quito is expected to have achieved the set goal of winning both games at home, as Honduras starts this week with just two points in three matches.

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