This will be the first hotel in space that will have rooms, bars and a party platform

This will be the first hotel in space that will have rooms, bars and a party platform

Waking up in a room in the middle Void This will be possible from 2027, with the opening of the first space hotel of 50,000 square meters and will be able to accommodate up to 440 people. “Going into space will be another option people will choose for their vacation,” they announced from the Gateway Foundation, of the opening of the Voyager station.

The hotel will be built by the Orbital Assembly Corporation, which describes itself as “the world’s first large-scale aerospace construction company.”

According to the organization, construction of the facility will begin in 2026 and the first passengers will visit the hotel in 2027. Although the opening was originally scheduled for 2025, the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the project.

As for the design, it will have the shape of a rotating ring that will give the station a gravity equal to one sixth of the gravity of the Earth. Architect Tim Alatorre explained that the aim of the project was to make visiting space available for all. “Ultimately, going to space will be another option people choose for their vacation, like going on a cruise or going to Disney World,” Alatori told Design magazine.

What will the design look like and what services will it provide? The first element to be built is the central, non-pressurized annular structure that will contain the mooring axis at its center. Then, the shield of the outer ring with a diameter of 200 meters will be assembled and connected to the central ring by a wireless network. This ring will support the 24 residential units, which will be used for accommodation in hotels, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums, crew accommodation and scientific research units.

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Guests will be able to relax in a three-tiered bar with a water fountain that “obviously would defy the laws of physics.” In addition, an activity unit and a gymnasium will be used with seven-meter ceilings. At night, it will be used as a concert hall where “the greatest musicians on Earth will rock the station as it circles the planet.”

The idea is that Voyager Station has all the features of a luxury hotel with comfortable interiors. In this sense, it will have a range of holiday accommodation options with “luxury villas” of 500 square meters which will be available for rent for a week, a month or permanently.

What will these “luxury villas” look like? Each will have space to sleep 16 people, as well as three bathrooms and cooking facilities. Adjacent to the villa, the space station will house several hotel suites measuring 30 square metres, accommodating two people and with private bathrooms.

According to the Gateway Foundation, since a space hotel has allure, guests should expect an experience similar to visiting a high-end hotel, with restaurants that “will rival the best places on earth.”

Currently, there are many architecture studios that are developing space tourism. Recently, transportation design studio PriestmanGoode developed a concept for a high-performance airship to take space tourists on a “cruise” around the stratosphere. London-based studio Seymourpowell designed the interior of the Virgin Galactic spacecraft to carry six passengers on a semi-orbital flight into space and view the Earth.

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