Three alleged kidnappers arrested in Tegucigalpa

Three alleged kidnappers arrested in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Three women were arrested on suspicion of having committed the crime of kidnapping, and they left as a result of the party’s anti-kidnapping operation, the National Unity. Police Investigation Directorate, DPI, in Tegucigalpa this Saturday. The women kept arrest warrants against them because of the crime in question.

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The record is indicated against the accused 2017When a woman was kidnapped in a shopping center in the capital of Honduras. In fact, the woman was intercepted by gunmen in a car that took her to an unknown destination.

After that, being in captivity with the kidnappers who demanded a sum 70,000 lempiras, Achievement Get to know them completely. The woman was released after completing the surrender demanded by the kidnappers.

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The complaint was filed upon their release. An investigation team has been set up to follow up on the case. The victim’s studies and testimonies were able to identify the people involved in the crime.

Police force investigations have concluded that the detainees now acted as the intellectual and material authors of the kidnapping, as they will be charged with more than one crime. Honduras Prosecutor’s Office.

Among those arrested is a woman from 51 years old, Origin from Sabanagrande, Francisco Morazan; suspect 24 years, By trade the housewife and the resident Tegucigalpa. Next to another woman from 24 years He also resides in the capital.

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Among the suspects’ seizures, two cell phones were found, which will serve as a possible additional evidence for the case, which will be presented to the opposite court and in turn to the region.

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