‘Three days of total darkness’: This is Mahoney Seer’s end-of-year prediction | News from Mexico

‘Three days of total darkness’: This is Mahoney Seer’s end-of-year prediction |  News from Mexico

Mexico City: As usual, famous end of every month Mahoney Vident that stands out for Accurate forecasts about business presentation, Everyone was surprised by his confession of what he saw for the next month, which coincides with the end of the year, as he commented on this by saying: Something messy is going to happen in Mexico.

Cuban revealed to her followers on her YouTube channel that she predicted an attack on a gang member whose name begins with the letter J or E, so Gerardo Diaz’s group had to take care, Beside Gerardo Ortiz, Because his name hovers among the possible chaos that could soon happen to him.

“I’m the next person to have a very strong attack, and his name starts with a ‘J’ or an ‘E’ and he’d be in Jalisco or Sinaloa shooting him as he left a concert and it would be a direct attack,” he said.

Controversy with Laura PozzoAnd Mahoney Sir confirmed that he lies several times in order to clear his name and evading the alleged crimes of which he is accused, as well as commenting on the possibility of returning to television, but his health problems could interfere.

However, what is most remarkable is when he called for the maintenance of the Mexico City metro, as he stated There could be an explosion or similar disaster That would severely affect all those who ride public transportation.

in one of the predictions Mahoney Vident, mentioned that Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, the United States and Spain They will have divine manifestations “in everything”, which could be an earthquake that will happen on December 12 or 13 in those countries.

There will be movement and earthquake in different parts of the world. A light will be seen in heaven and that will be the complete trigger in matters of change in full form and more in the mind of man, and it is surely one of the countries of Latin America and Mexico that, along with all those who have been commenting, will have a divine revelation on the twelfth of December. And the Virgin will appear in Guadalupe in every sense of the word.”

In terms of weather conditions, you will see that the cold will be harsh and that the Mexican population will have to be very careful because the winter will be very harsh, according to their forecasts. It was also narrated in December there may be many arrest warrants for former presidents For fraud, theft and justice related issues.

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“The sun will set in December, three days of complete darkness, the sun will not rise and the winter storm will hit almost the whole world with more than 30 and 40 degrees below zero in different parts of the world,” concluded the seer.

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