This is the “Dining Hall”, the new (glamorous) dining space in Madrid

This is the “Dining Hall”, the new (glamorous) dining space in Madrid

It was without a doubt one of the most famous (and gastronomical) hotels that opened last fall. It was September 2020, and Madrid was celebrating the opening of the luxurious and sophisticated Four Seasons Hotel, the first of the chain to open in Spain. He did it as part of the gigantic project Canalegas Center (real estate plan that Restored seven historic buildings located between Alcalá and Sevilla Streets) whose canopy is also included – right next to the hotel – Canalegas Gallery.

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Facade of the Canalegas Gallery, on Central Alcala Street

Claimed to become one of the city’s most luxurious malls, we’ll have to wait until next spring for its world-class plants Fashion, jewelry and perfume see light (except boutiques by Cartier and Hermès, now open to the public). however, Lovers of good food have more luck: and today, December 1, the area that this exhibition dedicates to the stomach world was opened. A wonderful space under the name “dining hall”, It occupies part of the floor of the entrance and the basement of the building, which, undoubtedly, will soon become a pilgrimage to Mecca for “foodies” eager for new culinary experiences.

With a very meticulous interior design, the basement of the gallery houses restaurant options for all tastes

Reasons to visit, of course, are not missing in the “dining hall”: just the interior design (signed by different design studios) is really a claim in itself. But, in addition, if we focus on purely culinary, then here we find delicious and varied proposals.

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starred chefs

Thus, one of the strengths of the offer is the prestigious chefs who have joined the project and who have their own restaurant here. It is, for example, the case of Julián Mármol, in front of the ‘Yugo de Bunker’ (One of the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid, with Michelin star), who in the “dining hall” captains two buildings. On the one hand, the restaurant ‘eight’, Present as soon as you enter the gallery, they promise to provide the best burgers de Madrid’, with a suggestion engulfed in embers. And down, downstairs, the restaurant “Munchies” Amazing crossroads between Japan and Mexico.

Chef Julián Mármol arrives at “Food Hall” with two cuisine concepts, one of Japanese-Mexican cuisine and one of hamburgers gourmet

Among the famous chefs is Rubén Aranz, who is in charge of Segovian Restaurant “Juan Bravo” (previously associated with Segovian Restaurant Villena, where it received a Michelin star). The cook suggested bringing a so-called “New Castilian cuisine”, which will evolve in 19.86 Restaurant by Rubén Arranz (The name that matches your year of birth).

International cuisine, cocktails, tapas, food options…

The basement of the gallery also houses what they call “MAD Gourmet”, Multiple area of ​​650 square meters, with its own entity that will house it (we put it in the future because it is the only part that will take a few days to open) up to 20 angles different stomach. Among them, for example, Special sandwiches From “John Barretta” (Created by Chef Jaffe Estevez and Baker John Torres). There will be too and options vegetarian, Tapas…will be the most “rogue” and informal area of ​​the “dining hall”.

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In “Food Hall” you can also enjoy rice dishes at St. Historic James

But the offer does not end there. Those who pass through its doors will also be able to enjoy rice From the famous rice store James Street; From Iberian sausages De Pelota; Galician flavors on the one hand Taberna Jarillos; subordinate Italian recipes Daveero (“little kid” from Davanti Restaurant, located in Chueca); The oysters French by Daniel Sorlott; Irresistible Amorino Ice Cream sweet From El Goloso sweets…

Similarly, Venezuelan chef Fermin Azco opens here A “branch” of his successful restaurant Salvaje, Where Japanese cuisine blends with flavors and techniques from around the world, while Le Petit Dim Sum Fans of these snacks associated with Chinese culinary traditions will be delighted.

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One of the many sweet snacks served at El Goloso, a pastry shop also located in the “Food Hall”

In short, options for all tastes and pockets. Although it is a gallery concerned with luxury, it also seeks to accommodate a broad and heterogeneous audience. This audience that crowds the center of Madrid, especially on special dates like this, thanks to this opening will be able to enjoy under one roof The most unique food Even Less formal optionsAnd Rich breakfast first thing in the morning, or Fantastic cocktail When night falls to the beat of live music.

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