Laura Pozzo. They can enter the driver’s house after Gabriel Soto’s lawsuit

Laura Pozzo.  They can enter the driver’s house after Gabriel Soto’s lawsuit

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Gabriel Soto and Irina Paiva They sued Laura Pozzo a few months agoAlthough the entire process has been temporarily halted due to the epidemic, the actor’s lawyer, Gustavo Herrera Torres revealed that he recently went to a Peruvian house, But due to the refusal of the driver, it was so decided Run a break-lock command to enter your home.

As a result of these statements, Laura Pozzo’s lawyer, Octavio Martinez Camacho, The program has been connected First hand To clarify this issue. He mentioned that so far No order to enter the driver’s home was issued.

“It’s a lie. We have been in this effort to inform the situation on all the legal matters that Laura Pozzo represents. We have a duty to be ethical and to report truthfully.”

The lawyer confirmed this There is no order to enter Laura Pozzo’s home since the complaint was filed against the Peruvian It does not deserve to be required Enter Pozzo’s home.

“There is no law enforcement order or arrest warrant, let alone an order issued by a judge authorizing the locks to be broken where they say Mrs. Laura is staying, for a simple reason that she does not live there.”

“The action they intend to take does not mean seizure, it is not sustainable for them to guarantee their ability to break the lock. The law can in certain cases allow entry, but when there is already a conviction and you want to confiscate some kind of property.”

On the other hand, host Gustavo Adolfo Infante mentioned it I received a letter from Gabriel Soto’s lawyer, Who denied the statements of a representative Laura Pozzo.

“Don’t talk nonsense. How can you tell me I’m lying if he doesn’t have access to the file? Gabriel Soto’s lawyer wrote,” I’ll send him official letters so he can shut his mouth.

Finally, it was in the program that the document that Confirms that the authorities have permission to break the locks and enter Laura Pozzo’s home.

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