Tigers Luis Garcia defends Touka and blows up the new board

Tigers Luis Garcia defends Touka and blows up the new board

Luis GarciaToday, the former national team is suspended for Aztec SportsThey didn’t overpower the jungle, and they blew up the current leadership of TigersThat decided There is no renewal for Ricardo Ferretti In the artistic direction of Team Cats.

The math analyst took advantage of his social networks to send an emotional message to Toca, Highlight Achievements made by cats In the past decade, a situation that he considered deserves a more dignified exit.

“Dear Ricardo, you are leaving the Tigers, what a paradox. We all thought you’d be out whenever you wantThis is not the case, the cycles are reaching their climax, which is unambiguous and impossible to amend. Nobody knows when the perfect moment, if any, to end a business relationship, a personal relationship, or any other relationship, and From closures, from breaks, no one diesI repeat, no one dies.

“I repeat what I wrote at the beginning, the courses are doomed to expire, but this does not excuse those who decide to reach their climax in order to have a larger category in the deal.” She should have treated much more sympathy, more courteousnessWith the greatest respect, you are not just anyone, Those who arrive 10 seconds before the drive are someone. And no matter how clever they are, they will not be able to destroy your legacy, which will be a terrible shadow that will always haunt them, and they deserve it because of the way they treated you. ” Doctor Garcia On their official Facebook account.

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Painful exit

Luis Garcia Consider that Toca Ferretti He must be offended by the way they pushed him out of the royal box, even though he made it clear that he should be proud. Four league titles that leave In the facades of the institution.

Without a doubt you will be sad, and you should think about this sadness, but no doubt, You are the best thing that happened to Tigris in its historyWe will all leave this dimension, and no one will simply approach you You have built an indomitable empire that will last foreverThe Azteca TV analyst concluded.

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