Does Robinson still have room on the Mets?

Does Robinson still have room on the Mets?

When Steve Cohen finished buying the New York MetsK, was expected to be a Dominican warrior Robinson Cano was an important part of the first phase of his winning project in QueensAfter spending two true seasons with the Mets in 2019 and 2020 and adding experience to a rather inexperienced young team in some placesBut after being suspended for the entire MLB 2021 season When you test positive for the second time for using banned substances, your future is in the air.

Kano recently appeared in front of the public on Dominican TV, where he mentioned that he is still not considering retirement and wants to return to MLB, his situation with Mets remains very complicated, which he has a contract with him until the end of the 2023 season and a salary of $ 24 million for the remaining two seasons.

With a Q&A from knowledgeable Mets reporter Andy Martineau of SNY, he mentioned that during the spring training, he asked the chief of operations, Sandy Alderson, if they would release Canó, indicating that he hadn’t yet thought about the future but that is among the many that could be To happen between now and the end of your contract.

Martineau states that with Pete Alonso, Jeff McConnell, and Dom Smith filling in the potential roles of Robinson Cano between now and the end of his contract (first rule, second base and potential hitter), it is very likely that Mets will end up trading or assigning the task, as there is no longer a place on the team. .

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However, he left the door open to the possibility that Mets could give him another chance at spring training in 2022 to find out the physical condition and athletic level of the veteran, who by then and would be 39, before deciding on his contract. And his future in the organization.

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