Tigres vs. Pachuca (1-0): Summary | quarter final

Tigres vs. Pachuca (1-0): Summary |  quarter final

The quarter final of Ida between Tigers Y Pachuca Left to task, but the Cats were able to take advantage André-Pierre GuignacHe scored in the closing stages of a game that seemed destined for a goalless draw by the Royals after 85 minutes.

The first half left a lot to be desired, with only one shot in total and several fouls. A tricky Hidalgo paintingHe chose to bat much to the frustration of the Royal Family who sometimes fell off his game.

At 23′, Aviles Hurtado He was saved from a red card after a tackle Jesus angleA move that looked like a relegation, but only ended in a yellow card for the Colombian striker.

A set of UANL On a free kick he took, he tried to play on a thread in the 40′ Sebastian CordovaBut that is wrong and Guido Pizarro finished on the ground and Sameer Cadano He hit a wide shot.

At 46′, Israel is the moon He could have scored on a corner kick to the second post where he couldn’t head the ball in front of him.

At 51′, Fernando Hernandez A penalty was awarded on a controversial play, after the Auriazul players charged Luis Chavez After reviewing the play in the piece, he revised it VAR.

Nahuel Guzman Had a great save in the 68′ Aviles Hurtado Space was created for him to shoot in the area and he took a shot which the Argentina goalkeeper managed to take a deflection. Sameer. Four minutes later he had to be intercepted again before trying Kevin Alvarez.

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After Tusos Encouraged to go forward, they showed signs that they could use the exit and seek out game. Jesus angle By Edward the ThirdBut after two saves they appeared Paton Guzman.

Penalty awarded after 85′ Guido Pizarro He was brought down in the box when his leg was caught Victor GuzmanWhistle that a suspicious move Fernando Hernandez Not checked on screen VAR Nor did he repeat it when two local players entered the collection’s front area Dede.

Gignac He didn’t waste the opportunity from eleven paces and scored the winning goal for the leaders Michael HerreraAlready the third best singles hitter in history Corporations By coping Alberto Garcia Aspe29 with.

The game of lap Next Sunday, October 16th Hidalgo Stadium At 9:06 p.m., who advances to the semifinals will be determined.

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