Tigres vs Xolos in Liga MX (3-2): The Final Took Felines

Tigres vs Xolos in Liga MX (3-2): The Final Took Felines

Tigers Long live heart end in front of Xolos from Tijuana After they led 3-0 on the scoreboard, the border team managed to score two goals and threatened to take a point in the last minute at the university’s stadium. It all ended in 3-2 Great performance for Nicholas Lopez.

Tigres was injured and found someone to pay for the broken dishes. Although night is coming. The Xolos felines welcomed tonight and turned the team into Pablo Guidi In fury victim after loss to Cruz Azul.

As for Ricardo Ferretti, there has been no worry about Carlos Gonzalez losing since then Nicolás “Diente” López was the choice to replace him and the felines gave victory. Of course, Tuca would have to draw attention in his locker room, because in the last five minutes, the frontiers were winning goals from Edgar López and David Barbona in the thick of the match.

The game started with emotions, in the second minute, Luis Quinones opened the recording. The Colombian gave a good dose of individual quality to send the ball to the back of the net. Jonathan Orozco After cutting the waist to Brian Angulo.

The second annotation fell thanks to a ball that Quinones recovered himself, in an attempt to exit Junior Sornoza, The Colombian went to the area and served Dent Lopez, Which only came to define it despite the sweep Gonzalo Gaara.

Orozco’s annoyance was inevitable and his defense commanded to avoid further damage. However, Guede Painting did not rely on these Tigres was injured proudly after their role in the Club World Cup Where they achieved the historical runner-up.

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Little by little, the visitors found the spaces, Mauro Manotas became a dangerBefore he went to rest, he put the cat’s defense to the test, to which Francisco Meza and Carlos Salcedo responded with an excellent job, as both prevented the Colombian from sending the ball into the net. Nahuel Guzman.

In 51 minutes, he attacked UANL again. Quiñones once again became an important factor. A triathlon play in which Quinones supports himself André-Pierre Gignac, Who entered the region, cut to Vladimir LauroniaThen to Brian Angulo and Served Tooth Lopez The definition is thus 3-0.

Night came to them

It was all dazzling even on the last stage, the cats’ defense was surprised. Edgar Lopez took advantage of the ball being stolen by Fabian Castillo. El Gacela fired before sweeping Diego Reyes to a 3-1 victory over Guzmán.

With two minutes of compensation, Those led by Guede put together one last play thanks to Jordi Cortizo With his filtered pass to Angulo to enter the small area and thus center against Reyes’ bad sign. Barbona identified it without problems.

Fortunately, the final whistle was heard, like Tigres was getting a draw. The cats got revenge, a bit bitter, but they added victory.

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