Bukele sacks Liduvina Escobar for criticizing government attempts to seize the IAIP

Bukele sacks Liduvina Escobar for criticizing government attempts to seize the IAIP

Commissioner Escobar denounced the government’s denial of the independence of the entity that guarantees transparency in the country. For this reason, Bukele immediately stopped her and ordered the takedown process to begin.

President Naguib Boukili has suspended Commissioner Lidovina Escobar, who owns the Institute for Access to Public Information (IAIP).

At the same time, it ordered the start of the process of impeachment of Commissioner Escobar, under the justification of “possible commission of acts affecting the work of the International Investigation Review Panel and non-compliance with its functions.”

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According to the document sent, the President of the IAIP was also ordered to restrict Escobar from any access to any computer medium of the institute within 24 hours of notification.

On April 16th, the Commissioner who owns the trade union sector denounced a series of attacks against her by her colleagues because she favors transparency and the access of Salvadorans to public information.

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“In recent days, a series of measures have intensified against me, as part of the pressure and harassment strategy carried out by the commissioners, Ricardo Gomez, Javier Suarez and Commissioner Roxana Soriano,” he said in a statement.

The official explained that she has suffered from institutional isolation, denial of access to information, and defamation of IAIP staff, among others.

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