Tips for gaining muscle mass if you are very thin | Health | magazine

Tips for gaining muscle mass if you are very thin |  Health |  magazine

Gaining muscle and size is not an easy task, but it can be achieved by following some recommendations.

Adjust your routine and follow some recommendations It is possible to gain muscle and size even if it costs you a lot of work, point to the magazine GQ in a publishing.

Gaining muscle and size is not an easy task, Especially after 40 years, it is indicated in the article, so it is ideal for men to find the perfect balance of Exercise, diet and rest To achieve the arms, back, legs, buttocks and belly you want the most.

Although it is really impossible for anyone to change the complexion of their body, people who are very thin and want to gain muscle and size They can do so with these recommendations, according to GQ.

Get enough calories

Eating is also key to losing fat burning or gaining muscle, so if you want to gain a few kilos of lean mass, GQ He suggests eating at least one gram of protein per pound of your body weight each day. You should also add carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, oats) and make sure you have Snacks They are foods rich in calories and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, etc…).

The importance of combining diet and exercise to lose weight naturally

Doing exercise effectively

Spending hours and hours in the gym will not always give the best results, The ideal is actually to do effective exercises and work out the muscles that you want to develop. You can increase the size by lifting more weights, but it is essential that your routine focuses on the different angles of the muscles and not overwork them, the post points out.

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Consistency is the key

If you want to see results you must act twice a week for each muscle, According to a study published in Sports medicine. GQ He points out that this doesn’t mean you should only train two days a week, but rather that you should split the week up to be able to. Work each muscle group twice during the routine.

Routine exercise at home to increase the buttocks and tighten the legs

Rest is also essential

Rest and sleep are necessary, for example, Sleeping eight hours contributes to the production of growth hormone. In the article it is recommended to have enough recovery days, and to avoid working the same muscle two days in a row, this will not allow them to get tired and will allow the fibers to recover and grow.

Check your progress

To see what your progress is, it is important to keep a record, so you can find out When is the ideal time to gain weight or intensity. This will also allow you to see which exercises have worked best for you and to realize how fast or slow you can achieve gains, in order to better adjust your routine.

Best calf training exercises

Check your weight

In general, weight is more important than height, but you need to know how much to increase You need to know your starting weight and the kilograms you gain each week. It’s also important to know if those kilograms are caused by muscle or fat, so you can know if you need to make changes in your diet and routine. (I)

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