Tito Villa attacks Lottie and Rotondi to take a picture with Messi’s shirt

Tito Villa attacks Lottie and Rotondi to take a picture with Messi’s shirt

the defeat blue cross Kiss Miami Inter Hit it deep with some Celestial Instrument fans, like Villa Titusfrom I exploded against Carlos Rotonde and Augusto Lotti After publishing a picture of the players wearing a Lionel Messi shirt.

In the postcard shared by Adrián Esparza and captured by Martín Arévalo, you can see soccer players to blue cross to the fullest happy To get the shirt of the former Barcelona player.

Both of them got attention townfrom He does not understand the smiles of Lottie and Rotonde After the machine fell to the MLS team, who retained the three points thanks to a goal from the Argentine star.

“I understand that it might have been the only chance they had of keeping this treasure, however Where is the sports shame? The picture and smiles are hard to understand! ”

It should be noted that some Internet users She was According to the villa‘, stating things like: ‘It’s annoying that they were more interested in the jersey than trying to win this game’, ‘Okay, make the photo public soon, it’s superfluous’ or ‘It applies to almost the entire team, it’s unbelievable’.

now, Machine In the tightrope, because they only have one chance to sneak into the next stage of the tournament. The Light Blues must beat Atlanta United in the next date to stand a chance of survival in the League Cup.

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