to space? Netflix Will Release Documentary About SpaceX’s First Civilian Mission

to space?  Netflix Will Release Documentary About SpaceX’s First Civilian Mission

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The race to “conquer space” has made significant headway in recent months. our hand spacex, Owned by Elon Musk, on the other hand Virgo Galaxyby Richard Branson, as well blue origin, owned by Jeff Bezos, all succeeded in leading managers, astronauts, and soon-to-be civilians to experience weightlessness.

A little over a month ago, Richard Branson She managed to successfully orbit the Earth at a distance of 80 km, which is enough to experience the lack of gravity for a few minutes. while Elon Musk It made two manned flights last year.

Moreover, Jeff Bezos, The founder and former CEO of Amazon, also managed to take off and land successfully, on July 20, aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard ship. All of these companies are one step closer to offering a civilian-focused space tourism service.

spatial tourism

But before providing this service to the public, SpaceX, prepared a new launch that will serve as two civilian heroes who have been chosen based on their path, skills and knowledge to be able to successfully carry out the mission in space.

Now, thanks to an alliance between SpaceX y NetflixIt will be possible to accompany these “new astronauts” on their mission through outer space. This was announced by the streaming service when it announced Countdown: Inspiration 4 Mission to Space, a documentary series that also promises “nearly real-time” coverage of the event.

The first episodes will arrive on the stage today 6th of next SeptemberTwo more episodes will be released later on September 13. Of course, as expected, after the launch on September 15, a fifth chapter of the series will be released at the end of the same month.

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