Today is the last day they will search for the lost shipwrecks of Cabrera

Today is the last day they will search for the lost shipwrecks of Cabrera

This Sunday is the last day for members of the Dominican Navy and Civil Defense They will look for people who are still missing subordinate Boat capsized off the coast of Maria Trinidad Sanchez ProvinceNear the municipality of Cabrera.

In a conversation with LISTÍN DIARIO, Marlon Arias, Mayor of Cabrera Municipality, stated thatTo investigate until todayHowever, from Monday onwards, it will be the fishermen who are out to work and who will report if they find or see something on the high seas.

“From Monday onwards, coordination with the fishermen will take place, “Every day when you go out hunting, just in case you see something, tell us,” Arias said.

The mayor said the search for the remaining people was intense, but yielded no results, however, Yesterday a container containing gasoline was found, What could have been Yola, which was bound for Puerto Rico.

Last Wednesday morning, a dead body Junior Vana Martinez While exactly a week ago from the body Narciso Manzar (two formations).

On the other hand, four people were rescued: Adonis Bonillafrom 45; Luis Alfredo Gonzalez Rodriguez28; German Ortizand 44 and Luis Angel Alvarado Alonsofrom 24.

in the fragile boat A total of 17 people traveled It was destined for the island of Puerto Rico, only to have sunk in the Rio San Juan.

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