What does Verstappen need to be champion in Japan?

What does Verstappen need to be champion in Japan?

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The Red Bull driver will get his second “match point” for the title next Sunday at Suzuka, at Honda ground.

Max should finish the race by 6 points over Leclerc and 8 points over Chico Perez in any possible position

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) finished seventh in Singapore and missed his first “match point” for the title, Because any equation would have won the race. In Japan, at Honda’s home, next Sunday, October 9, the Dutch rider will have his second chance. And this time the calculations are more convenient. basically, Max needs to leave Suzuka by six points over the second Who is the general who is now Charles Leclerc (to 104), ahead of Sergio Perez (up to 106).

victory Verstappen At Marina Bay it looked tough, considering he never won there and Red Bull’s error in the test time put him in eighth on the grid. In Japan, a more convenient route to the aboveTheir prospects are more optimistic.

The easiest way to crown for the second year in a row – with four races left – is to win and add an extra point on the fastest lap, giving an eight-point advantage over the second. From there the options multiply: win and only third place out of the other two, second and that Leclerc is not among the top four, or third with the fastest lap, and that Charles is sixth at most. If Verstappen fails to win, he will have to wait for the results of Pérez and Leclerc, because he needs to lead his rivals with six and eight points respectively, so his minimum position should be sixth.

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With quick turning point

1. If Max wins the race 2. If he is third and Leclerc is sixth or worse and Perez is second or worse 3. If he is fifth and Leclerc is ninth or worse and Perez finishes third or worse 4. If he was sixth and Leclerc finished 10th or worse, while Perez finished third or worse without the fastest lap point

1. If Max and Leclerc win 3rd or worse 2. If 2nd and Leclerc 5th without a lap is faster or worse, and Pérez is 4th or worse 3. If 3rd and Leclerc is 7th or worse, Pérez finishes in position Fifth or worse. Perez 3rd or worse 5. If he was 5th and Leclerc finished 9th without fastest lap or worse, Perez was 3rd or worse 6. If he was 6th and Leclerc did not score and Perez was 4th or worse

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