Today Superman Lopez News: Condor retreats from the Vulta

Today Superman Lopez News: Condor retreats from the Vulta

After a sudden withdrawal Miguel Angel Lopez From Back to Spain Before he took the stage, when he was part of the stage, several cyclists went out to publish their statements and expressed their opinion on the approach taken by the Colombian rider who won the Queen stage.

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This time, Alberto Condador, winner of three editions of La Vulta, Who, according to him, came out to expose Lopez’s decision to leave the competition in his final round. Thus, Spinard confirmed Lopez “He could not recover from the loss of the platform he had promised in practice.”.

So, from Condor’s point of view, what happened to ‘Superman’ did not go through with the team’s order not to follow the favorites, but rather “Abandoned due to a mental problem”, Signifies the absence of the Colombian ‘Cool Head’ to continue the fight.

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Now, and some statements of his own Miguel Angel Lopez, That is speculated The MovieStar team has announced its results regarding the future of the Colombian Rider. ‘Superman’ was the best of the Colombians in the competition, finishing third in the general rankings for today’s stage, while Egan Bernal was fifth.

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