Today there is an online launch of the science fiction book “Ceres” and space rock music

Today there is an online launch of the science fiction book “Ceres” and space rock music

Writer Jose Migi Martinez, Who has lived in Puerto Varas for six years, launched his fourth book.

In the Sotavento Library in Puerto Varas and in all major libraries in the country (Chilean Book Fair, Antarctica,, among others) the book “Ceres” by the Puerto Varas-based author José Miguel Martínez is now available. The book consists of nine stories that invite us to discover the nature of life Ceres, A dwarf planet inhabited by humans, cyborgs, and androids. Each story forms a fascinating narrative arc about the origin and future decline of this human colony.

“Half of the stories are born out of old drafts, stories with a wonderful profession, some of which even began to be written a decade ago,” the author explains. “In 2019, my friend Thomas Arriagada suggested that we work together on a science fiction project: I am in stories, he is in music,” he says. “There I decided to recover those drafts and write new stories.”

And so they put together a project that includes, in addition to the published book, a space rock soundtrack that can be heard by scanning the QR codes accompanying each story, nine useful pieces inspired by it and that contain such diversity. References such as the band Moses, director John Carpenter, and the style of cyberpunk. “We decided it would be interesting to create a book that talks to a musical recording, and that both works were part of the same universe,” Martinez explains.

Ceres It will be performed by writers Francisco Ortega and Maria Jose Navia, and will give a live performance by Thomas Arriagada, who will play one of the songs on the album. It can be viewed on Instagram Live on the ceres_oficial, efeortega and planetadelibroscl accounts on Wednesday May 19 at 9:00 pm. The book is already available in all major library chains (Chilean Book Fair, Antarctica,, among others), and can be found locally at the Sotavento Library in Puerto Varas.

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