Together begins the assault on the municipal space of PDECat

Together begins the assault on the municipal space of PDECat

The first Municipal Congress of Guntes Beer Catalunya, held yesterday in Badalona, ​​began to chart the framework in which the party will move to appointment with the ballot boxes, in 2023, and in which it aspires to be the first force. To do so, it plans to approve regulations for the organization of primaries next month, which will make it easier to inflate its ranks with mayors who have not yet joined the Junts and who have been retained by the PDECat.

JxCat’s general secretary, Jordi Sanchez, opened the door yesterday to all those “who have municipal responsibilities and think they are party orphans, from political representation,” a veiled reference to the PDECat party. For this purpose, a program is designed to ensure that there is a group of Junts in each municipality, becoming the party with the greatest number of mayors. Thus, they hope to collect all the votes that centered JxCat along with PDECat two years ago. It is not surprising that the party is trying to put a political picture to show this, outside the scope of Processing, There is a project that is trying to occupy the centrality of the Political Council in various fields. A good account of this can be given by the Junts’ votes in Parliament on the Winter Olympics, the expansion of El Prat Airport, or housing law amendments.

JxCat is ready to provide a list in all Catalan municipalities to be the force with the most mayors

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Other acronyms, such as PDECat and the various parties that emerged after the closure of Convergència – Convergents, Lliures and Lliga, although the PNC is not defined at the moment – and which will unite at the beginning of the year in a new formation, also want to compete for that central space. And a year and a half after the electoral appointment, any kind of compromise between the Junts and those sectors is completely ruled out. And while PDECat did not close the door to specific agreements being reached outside Barcelona, ​​JxCat rejected them and hoped to swallow up its local leaders.

In the events held by Junts in various locations, the party also wants to unite the party at the regional level, give strength to municipal groups and end persuading undecided who have not yet joined their project. On several occasions, those who remained in the squad of Convergència heiress from Junts have been called to take the final step and this will be facilitated at the organizational level, although in some places it may cause doubts and suspicions among those who registered in 2020 and let them come now. They say in JxCat “The most appropriate thing will be done in each case”.

The PDECat held over 150 mayors after the divorce from Puigdemont, but in the formation led by Angels Chacon they know that unlike some fiefs like Calella (Montserrat Candini), Mollerussa (Marc Solsona) or Igualada (Marc Castells), they can lose weight from Now into 2023 having become an additional parliamentary force in the February elections and with a re-establishment on the horizon they fear it will be delayed.

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Nevertheless, they hope at PDECat that the new brand and ideological project will convince some mayors, even though they are also aware of the cost of re-establishment – with the goal of having a group in Parliament again – and are willing to bear it, they pointed out, the sources consulted.

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