Tony Costa is no longer hiding his new love

Tony Costa is no longer hiding his new love

There have been reactions for months to reciprocal publications on social networks as a common thread signifying an emotional relationship between Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltron. But not anymore.

Yesterday the couple confirmed the secret that has been open for months on their Instagram accounts: there is a lot, a lot of love.

Evelyn posted a photo of herself first holding a glass of wine on her Instagram account, with the caption “Congratulations வாழ்க்கைtoni for all that life has in store for us”. The Zumba instructor, for his part, shared the moment on the same social network, finally confirming the relationship.

Tony Costa and his girlfriend Evelyn Beltron have confirmed their romantic relationship on social media. (Instagram)

The revelation comes after a TV show approached about Tony’s new love and promised he would be happy. For his part, Adamari Lopez, who has been his emotional partner for many years and the mother of his daughter Alaya, promised to be happy on the new emotional stage during the “Hoi Thea” (Telemundo) show. Tony had.

It’s been months since rumors of a relationship between Tony and Evelyn, a Mexican model based in Austin, Texas. The two are said to have fallen in love when Tony went to this city as part of his zumba classes.

It was enough for followers to follow each other and comment on their respective social media accounts to link points and doubt the relationship between the two. In fact, in response to the comments, Evelyn decided to keep her Instagram account private for several days.

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