Top 10 Strongest Currencies in the World

Top 10 Strongest Currencies in the World

What currency is expected to be the most costly nowadays? There are many different opinions and beliefs, but they rarely turn out to be true. In this article, the copy trader team has created a list of those currencies that are on the top now.

Kuwait Dinar

This one, surprisingly enough, turns out to be the most expensive option on our list. How can it happen in such a small country as Kuwait?

Actually, it is very rich due to the enormous amount of petroleum products exported. This fact gives the needed stability to the economy, which, in turn, makes the currency stronger.

Together with its economical stability, Kuwait is known for the absence of taxes and high rate of employment. These are the reasons for the high position of its currency.

Bahrain Dinar

This one confidently takes the second place in our rating due to similar reasons as we already mentioned for Kuwait.

This island state is located in the Persian Gulf, and more than a million people live there. The export of oil provides the country with all the economical benefits that we can imagine.

Omani Rial

The Arabian Peninsula is the home of Oman. This location can also be called strategic due to the presence of oil, so the economy is developing, and the life here is high-quality.

The currency was so powerful that the country once issued paper notes for its denomination.

Jordanian Dinar

As for this case, it is really hard to explain the appearance of this currency at such a high position in our rating. Its economy and export are not as strong as in the previous cases. However, the fact is as it is.

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British Pound

This one takes 5th place, even if many people often consider it the strongest option in the market.

Interestingly enough, the British colonies issued their banknotes, which are different visually but have the same value. There are several of them in use till now, but they are not popular in Great Britain.

Cayman Islands Dollar

These beautiful islands are the very well-known tax havens all over the world. They also contribute to the activity of many different hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies. The leadership in all the above-mentioned industries has given powerful properties to the local currency.

European Euro

As far as we know, Euro has lost 1/5 of its value in recent time. However, it still belongs to the list of the strongest currencies. Why does it happen?

Let us remember that it is officially used in almost all countries in Europe, and among them are really strong economies. Moreover, the Euro is utilized for reserve and covers 1/5 of all savings that people have. No wonder it is hard for it to lose the position.

Swiss Franc

Switzerland is known to be the richest country in the world, and it also fascinates us with its stability. The banking system here is almost unshakable as if they are aware of some secret. In addition, the country develops high-tech products that are the main export option.

US Dollar

This one is not only well-known all over the world but also appears to be the top reserve currency. It means that one can utilize dollars in almost any place and they are also used widely for trading FX.

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Canadian dollar

This currency is the last on our top-10 list. The country also has a stable position in the markets, and its currency is utilized for reserves.

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