It’s getting harder to choose casino sites with the hundreds of sites parading as the best options on the internet. So, when you finally come around to the idea of gambling online, you face your biggest hurdle yet- who can you trust with your money? Is there a way you can choose the right casino? If so, what should you care about, and what can you ignore? Let’s show you what we have discovered over the years, thus imparting you with the key to hacking this decision:

Factors to Consider

So, which factors can you not overlook as you walk on this new journey?

Past Reviews

Do you know the easiest way to gauge if a casino does what it claims? It’s by looking at what its past and present clients have to say about it. As a rule of thumb, any top casino site will have a good rating. Most people will have good things to say about it, and those who don’t will be few and far between. But with sketchy sites, almost everyone has a bad experience to share with the eager readers. So, what should you look for when reading reviews?

  • The Payouts: Does the casino honor its end of the deal? Any casino known to withhold earnings from its players is not worth the risk. If many people have claimed that the cash-out practices are shady, avoid the operator.
  • The RTPs: All games have RTP scores on them, showing just how likely you are to win. If a casino operates fairly and has independently had its games tested, what you see is what you should get. E.g., an RTP of 95% should be just that and not 94% or otherwise. But if the reviews indicate that the casino has tweaked its games, walk away.
  • The Wagering Requirements: We’ve all noticed the number of bonuses being thrown at players, more so in the last few years. Casinos have realized that players are now choosing sites based on players and have come up with amazing offers. That’s great, only that some operators employ stringent wagering policies. So, as much as you get a fantastic offer, you probably cannot access it, which robs you of your reward. Is the casino guilty of having players jump through hoops to get what is rightfully theirs? Run!
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Does that mean that some casinos will not have any complaints? Hardly! Someone somewhere will always feel disgruntled by the services, and sometimes, this has nothing to do with the operator. To get the best options, look for sites with many reviews, most of which are positive.


What happens when a site does not operate legally? Can you have an opinion about it rather than posting a review? Of course! But it comes down to whether an operator has a license to offer online casino services. A license indicates that the operator has met the minimum requirements to run such a site. It also means that the licensor has investigated the games, finances, and background of the site. Moreover, the licensor continues to oversee the casino’s activities as long as the license is valid.

Now how does this help you? One, you get the opportunity to report any nefarious activities to the licensor. Two, you use the site, knowing that you have a form of protection from the overseeing authority. Operators that do not have anyone looking in on their actions will not have any issue with defrauding players. But licensed operators are more cautious.

When reviewing licensing, check who the licensor is- some are just there by name but hardly follow up on cases. Finally, don’t forget to check the validity of the license.


We all know that you can sign up on a casino site that does not operate in your country. But while this might seem fun and allow you to play with much better terms, it can also be risky. Why? There’s no guarantee that the casino will pay you if you win. Picture this situation- you have just won $400,000 on a site. What’s the next step before they pay you? They will request that you complete your profile information, including listing your address. If they find that you have been using their site illegally, they can refuse to release the money – and there’s nothing you can do about it because you are the one on the wrong! So, rather than face such a challenging situation, play on sites that allow people from your region.

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When choosing casinos, people often focus on the basics- site security, payment methods, etc. But how often do you think about the site revenue? Here’s why you should also consider this. Suppose you win $500,000 on a new and upcoming site. Do you think it would have the revenue to back this winning? The management would probably resort to making the payout quite hard or negotiating a payment plan with you. If this fails, they can even come up with reasons why they will not pay you, even citing that you flouted some rules even when you did not. To avoid going through all this, choose a stable casino.

Other Factors

Now that we have covered the main points, let’s consider what else you cannot afford to ignore:

  • The range of games,
  • The customer support,
  • The bonuses and rewards,
  • The site interface,
  • Whether the site has a mobile casino or mobile app,
  • The payment methods, and
  • The site security.

If you abide by the above selection guide, you will avoid getting scammed by fake sites that are out to bleed you dry. Plus, you get to enjoy gaming more because you’ll not be feeling lost, sad, angry, or even frustrated because the operator has swindled you. Enjoy your games!

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