Would you have ever thought that people could eke a living from playing games? Think about it- getting paid to play video games! But that’s the reality now. E-sports have grown rapidly in the past few years, with people flocking to esports betting sites to watch their favorite players go at it. Whether you’re a FIFA fan or you’re more into DOTA 2, there’s always a chance to watch the whole event go down. Instead of parents shooshing their gamer kids, they are now encouraging them to start a career in gaming. But how much are these players taking home? You can even try Valorant hacks and cheats to become better at it and ace the game in no time.

How Much Do Professional Gamers Take Home?

We will cut right to the chase. On average, an e-sports pro player takes home anything from $1,000 to $5,000 a month. That comes to about $12,000 to $60,000 a year. But, of course, what they take home will depend on the following factors:

The Game

Not all games pay the same. So, those with the highest earnings tend to be the most lucrative and most stable eSports. Take DOTA 2 as an example. It averages two hundred and fifty million dollars in earnings with about 4,000 players. Compare this with Overwatch with about thirty million in earnings with almost 4,000 players. Earnings are not the only thing that influences what a player takes home- the competition also matters. DOTA 2 has a steep learning curve, and players who succeed in this game have honed their skills to keep up with the heat. While this game is difficult, the top earners in the e-sports industry play this e-sport, which tells you something about its lucrativeness. So, if you want to try competitive gaming, think about the bigger picture- what game gives you the best earning potential?

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The Skill Level

Gamers are on different levels. Some are in it to make a quick buck as they work on their main careers. To others, gaming is their sole or primary career, and they give it their all. Such gamers choose one game and stick to it, learning its ins and outs so that they can compete on a higher level. But those not heavily invested in the sport don’t put as much effort into it. Of course, their earnings are significantly different. Even in a team, the higher salaries (closer to $5,000) go to the most skilled players.


You’ve probably come across gamers who earn close to $10,000 a month. These gamers likely have a channel to stream their games and give accounts on how they play. Some even have tutorials teaching aspiring gamers how to level up to earn more. The more followers such gamers have, the more they can earn from these channels. Some even take home as much as $5,000 from these channels, which adds to their revenue. You have a much better chance of having a successful channel if you have a high ranking in the scoreboards.

Major Tournaments Won

Did you know that gamers can earn as much as $200,000 in one game? Tournaments usually feature huge amounts, which are up for grabs to the most skilled team. The team that wins the lion’s share then divides the prize money among its members, usually five to six players. So, you can imagine that if a team of 5 wins $200,000, then each player can get about $40,000! But that’s just a fraction of the prize money in the gaming world- some teams have won millions of dollars!

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Like with physical sports, sponsors enjoy working with gamers to promote their brands. These companies provide gamers with merch in exchange for exposure, whether it’s computer accessories, jerseys, or even drinks. Oh, and this merchandise comes accompanied by money, enabling gamers to increase their earnings. You may have noticed that some players only wear certain brands when playing and when out in public. It earns them something extra on top of what they make from salaries and prize money.

How Can You Join Professional Gaming?

Are you interested in joining the gaming world? It’s an interesting gig. Rather than draw up a curriculum vitae and start scouting for jobs, you:

  • Practice gaming and become good at it. Soon enough, an agent will come calling, and you can join a team and start earning a salary. But of course, you need to be very good at gaming- which will probably take you thousands of hours. So, you must remain committed to what it takes to be good- the competition is increasing now that people know that millions are at stake.
  • Network with other gamers and learn how you can join a team. Your social skills will come in handy here because you want to be a gamer that other people want to play with- it enables you to get invites to play and increases your chances of getting into a team.
  • Start a YouTube channel where you can stream live as you play. It helps you grow a following, making it easier to attract an agent or team and get drafted.
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Nobody will know how talented you are at gaming without doing these things, and you will miss out on the opportunities available to gamers like you.

Is Professional Gaming Easy?

To be good at gaming, you will likely spend at least 12 hours a day practicing and playing. So, easy is not the right word for it- you might even work harder than you would in a 9 to 5. But it’s fun, and once you get the hang of things, you can cut back on practicing and start enjoying the gaming more. Beware of burning out.

So, the average professional gamer can take home anything from $1,000 to millions a month. It comes down to mastering several factors which can give you an edge over the competition. All the best!

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