Top online casinos – what do the reviewers look for? 

Top online casinos – what do the reviewers look for? 


From the excitement of the slots or the intensity of the card table, online casino gaming is one of the most popular and varied leisure pursuits of our times. It’s also one that presents a vast choice of platforms and operators. In fact, researchers estimate that there are about 2,000 online casinos to choose from in cyberspace.  

It’s hardly surprising that casino review sites are almost as popular as the casinos themselves. Rather than go through one casino after another, most of us will simply check out one of these review sites and narrow down the top rated online casino operators before then choosing an online casino from the final shortlist. 

But what do the experts look for when creating these lists? We’ve dug a little deeper to find out just what it takes to achieve those five star reviews as an online casino. 


The first thing that reviewers check is how long a casino has been around. Some platforms were launched way back in the 1990s, while others only appeared a month ago. Being new is not necessarily a bad thing – sometimes the more recently launched platforms offer the best and newest software. But if a casino has been in existence for years and built a solid reputation, that certainly plays in its favor.  

Licensing information 

Reviewers will always check whether an online casino holds a valid license. But there are licenses and there are licenses – some hold more weight than others. For example, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are two of the most highly respected licensing bodies in the world.  

Range of games 

We visit an online casino for one reason and that’s to play casino games! Reviewers will look at the overall number of games available on a specific platform and also the type and the developers. Some casinos specialize in specific game types, for example slots, but don’t offer table games. Others put more of a focus on live games. The better the choice, the higher the rating, it is that simple. 

Banking options 

Casino players demand choice and flexibility when playing online. A top rated casino needs to offer more than just bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals. Digital wallets like PayPal or CashApp are a useful option, and a growing number of players like to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, too. Again, the more flexible the options, the better the rating.  

Bonus offers 

Online casinos are famous for their bonus offers. Reviewers will assess these closely and will not be taken in by bonuses that boast big money but equally large wagering requirements and other excessive terms and conditions. Bonuses need to be genuinely worthwhile and provide players with a real benefit to get a top rating. 

Customer service 

Efficient customer service is always important to reviewers in any service industry. To score well here, casinos need to offer 24/7 access to a real person by phone and instant chat. Contact forms and email-only contact are just not good enough.   

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