Tottenham vs Brighton Live: The latest Premier League update tonight

Tottenham vs Brighton Live: The latest Premier League update tonight

Jose Mourinho’s team is in free scoring form in the league, with Harry Kane and Son Hyung-min having a devastating effect. However, that momentum was somewhat halted due to severely disappointing performance in the Europa League that week, which angered Mourinho.

Meanwhile, Brighton will continue to play attractive football, but failed to score points to reward their game. Graham Potter’s side have not won in their last four league games and have only taken six to five points overall. Follow all the steps below:


27 min

Liquid, complex football from Brighton joins Lallana and Lambe on the right. The former box is crowded, but there are signs of encouragement for the audience.

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25 min

Brighton has settled down a little bit since going backwards. They start to hold the ball and have longer characters.

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24 min

No penalty is the result. Doherty caught Trozard, but not enough, according to the referee, to be considered a misdemeanor.

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23 min

Brighton want their own punishment for placing a cross in the White Box and falling to the ground under the challenge of Trohard Doherty. VAR will check it


20 min

Poor from Webster, he goes ahead and plays the lazy pass, which the son interrupts. The Spurs man runs to the left, cuts inside, and slides a shot high and wide.

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17 min

Kane cuts off his right leg and tries to make a low pass to Doherty on the right. Not accurate this time, but the Spurs striker picks up the ball in the deeper areas again.

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15 min

Bizouma advances forward with purpose and drops a shot against the tire. Brighton is far from the path of hopeful attacks so far.

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13 min

The goal! Tottenham 1-0 Brighton (Kane)

Always cool from the can! He puts his penalty in the lower left corner, and debutant Sanchez dives the other way. Lallana will kick herself for effectively handing Spurs here.

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12 min

Penalty for Spurs! A VAR check confirms that Lallana’s error was actually on the line, so inside the box.

Period Rice-Coats1 November 2020 19:28

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