Touching gesture by Lionel Messi with a fan who spent 10 hours at his door | football | sports

Touching gesture by Lionel Messi with a fan who spent 10 hours at his door |  football |  sports

Lionel Messi turns the tide. Throughout his career, he has been adding fans by leaps and bounds, and has earned the love of people, who do crazy things just to see their idol up close, as thousands of Argentine fans who have traveled to Qatar have shown in perilous situations.

His latest craze as the protagonist Juan Polcan, a Messi fan who wanted to fulfill his dream at any cost, to meet him. That is why, after a few days of rest, he headed to Paris, and approached the home of the Paris Saint-Germain striker even though he did not know the exact address. “I’ve searched the internet, but there’s literally no trace,” he began explaining to “Infobae.”

But after finding a hairdresser he had visited before, he showed up in the area in the morning: “He didn’t say exactly, but he told me more or less where he was. When I got to the area at 8 am, it took about 45 minutes to find her.”

The moment he found the Argentine star’s home, he sat on the sidewalk opposite: “I sat down to wait at 9 am when I saw he was going to train.” And though he was lonely at first, he was later joined by another boy who brought him a wonderful painting.

“When he came back around 1pm, I couldn’t even get close, but I’m sure he saw me. I waited until 3:30. Antonella left the house, rolled through the car window, spoke to us with the best of intentions, and told us she was going to pick up her kids. Three hours later it was noon, But he did not give me the chance to meet each other,” he added.

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At that moment, everything went well, as the security guard started playing: “He started telling me that he was going to call the police, but I didn’t give up because I had arranged to spend two days in Paris to see Lionel.” Y es que, de pronto, “apareció de la nada” Antonela Roccuzzo para invitarles a ambos a entrar en la vivienda tras diez horas de espera: “Lo primero que vero es a Messi parado frente a mí en shorts, pantuflas y nos dice ‘hello’. It was an incredible moment. I told him how much I loved him, we took some pictures, he autographed the jersey of my futsal club where I play, he hugged me and autographed my arm. Then I realized how nervous I was.”

And that, as Juan Polcan said, what he wants is to show the humility of the star: “My goal is not to go viral or anything like that. I want people to discover who he is, his simplicity and humility. (Dr)

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