Chivas transport: Vladimir Moragriga’s thing was an invention of Promovot | Liga MX football stove

Chivas transport: Vladimir Moragriga’s thing was an invention of Promovot |  Liga MX football stove

In the past hours Vladimir Moragriga It was one of the major themes in the world Chivas in the media. attacker atlas, Which contested the Liga de Expansión MX, Was put in Orbit of the Sacred Flock Ahead of the Apertura Championship 2021 in Liga MX. Even several sources confirmed this It was about to become the first team reinforcement. Was it all an invention?

After various journalists reported that the attacking youth would sign for another flock They denied this story and brought out the whole truth. Eric LopezYesterday, a TUDN reporter revealed on his Twitter account: “Moragrega does not fall into the plans of Chivas or Tapatío. Chivas targets other types of players.”. This isn’t over here: now Sniper scoring Back off and admit what has happened to the alleged interest in this soccer player.

“I include myself among those who have gone with the trick. His representative, PromoFut Agency for Alo Hernandez, confirms that Flock has indeed asked for the number ‘9’. I touched the base in Guadalajara and they denied me this possibility,” The writer explained strongly. That way, it stays Vladimir Moragriga’s signature was ruled out completely To Deportivo Guadalajara.

Column sniper log

Note later: “It looks like pressure on Atlante to renew Vladimir while improving the salary to the fact that it is a boost for Rogibanco.”. It’s true: the Atlante striker was never close to Chivas. His agency leaked false information that he was about to sign the sacred flock to estimate its value Get a better contract with the Colts.

Vladimir Moragriga terminated his relationship with CDMX on June 30th, so he has to renew or else he will be left without a team. With this media move, his representative put him on the Liga MX map with the intention of Atlante speeding up and providing him with an improvement in his numbers so he can stay in the organization. He was never near Chivas, that’s for sure.

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