Travel News: Nearly 60 countries now ban UK travelers

Travel News: Nearly 60 countries now ban UK travelers

Ohn In its face, the rules regarding travel are clear. According to government guidelines: “If you live in a Tier 4 area, you should not leave your home unless you have a reasonable excuse (e.g. for work or educational purposes). If you want to travel you have to be local – i.e. avoid traveling outside your village, city or part of the city where you live – to reduce the number of trips you make overall. ”

It should not leave your Tier 4 area, or travel from another part of the UK to a Tier 4 area, “except for legally permitted reasons.”

However, Law When you leave your home for no good reason, there is no specific restriction on travel.

So what is a “reasonable excuse”?

The list is extensive. This includes work and shopping (in stores that are allowed to be open), exercising with your home, attached family or another member of your household, as well as a wide range of open-air, “public outdoor space” (again, your home, attached home or With someone else from your home).

Human rights lawyer Adam Wagner shared the document on Twitter over the weekend, citing other “legitimate excuses”, including seeking medical help and avoiding injury or illness. “[This] Mental and physical illnesses are included, ”Wagner argued. “In my view, if you want to do something for your mental health, do it.”

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