Treasury Secretary defends operation against alleged tax evader and luxury vehicle owner

Treasury Secretary defends operation against alleged tax evader and luxury vehicle owner

While the legal representation of Luis Benitez Aviles – He filed a lawsuit and a memorandum in the criminal case against his client for tax evasion and who was sentenced to seize several luxury cars, the Minister of the Treasury, Francisco Paris Alicia, reaffirmed the legality of the actions taken by both Department of Justice As the agency he manages.

The government will defend itself in the corresponding forums. However, for the media in this country, the basic review of the website of Federal Tax Service (IRS)Check out these versions of Criminal Offenses Division From the IRS, they will realize that they are very similar to the approach we have given to both Department of Justice Such as Department of Finance. Paris Alicia said a very simple and basic review should help clarify this issue.

This afternoon, lawyer Edwin Prado Filed, on behalf of Benítez Aviles, a “Request for Subpoena of a Hostile Defense Witness” against the Secretary of the Treasury.

On appeal, Benítez Aviles’ defense argued that the Treasury had violated his client’s constitutional rights by not notifying him of the investigation that was being conducted against him and requested that Paris-Alicia be summoned to the preliminary hearing in October. 13.

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Among the allegations made in the proposal, it has been asserted that Parés Alicea disclosed to the media “confidential information” to the taxpayer, in a manner inconsistent with Internal Revenue Code.

“They denied the accused receiving dignified, considerate and fair treatment, as stipulated in Bill of Rights of Taxpayers‘ keeps moving.

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At the same time, Benítez Aviles filed another appeal with a petition for a writ, requesting a declaratory judgment and a tax-deficit appeal against the President of the Treasury and the Minister of Justice, Domingo Emanuele.

By Al Mandoos, Parés Alicea is intended to “comply with his ministerial duty to ensure the confidentiality of Mr. Benítez’s personal information”, while the explanatory ruling, among other remedies, calls for a halt to the forfeiture process against Benítez Avilés. It declares unconstitutional “interpretation and use of the Secretary of Statutes for Tax Assessment at Risk”.

Similarly, the San Juan Court The appeal against the Notice of Tax Deficit was held until the conclusion of criminal proceedings against Benítez Avilés, who has several construction companies in his name.

“The Endangered Assessment is a department located in Puerto Rico and the United States. There are tax issues at the federal level that have been resolved in favor of the assessment at risk. The assessment of the risk to taxpayers also ensures due process of law. Seizure orders also have a process, an administrative claim system on the part of the taxpayer. Liens Public. It is in the public interest to know about complaints about tax evasion cases. This is why the attorney general takes them, that is why he is called the attorney general and the complaints are public and the government handles the case on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico,” Pars Alicia stressed at a press conference before Prado presented the motion and the lawsuit In San Juan Court.

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“The allegations that lawyers make in the public arena is their decision. In the Treasury library, I went down and looked at the tax case books, and just a review of one of these books exposes the countless thousands of cases where specific information about tax controversies is revealed,” the chief added. Treasury section.

According to Hacienda y Justicia, the agency that filed five criminal charges, Benítez Avilés failed to report income in excess of $7 million. As part of this process, the Treasury Department has issued a warrant for the seizure of several luxury cars it owns, valued at $1.3 million, including Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Thanks Benz, a Land Rover Fury and Chevrolet Camaro.

We know the fight against tax evasion will be strong. We know that there are critics who pretend not to comply with their tax liability and the Department of Justice and Treasury are willing to hold those people responsible who have not complied with their tax liability,” said Paris-Alicia.

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