Trump attacks No. 2 Senate Republican party, President turns allies in his final days

Trump attacks No. 2 Senate Republican party, President turns allies in his final days
Trump, then in the White House His Mar-e-Lago holiday With no public events on his schedule, in a tweet on New Year’s Day afternoon, Sen. Republican’s No. 2 Sen. Republican South Dakota
“In the upcoming 2022 primary, I hope that Christinom, the best governor of South Dakota, will run against Rhino enSenJohnThune. He will do a fantastic job in the U.S. Senate, but if Christie is not there, others are already standing in line. Wrote in a tweet.

Trump has been widely accused several times this week against the Republican leadership, but this time naming names. Tune, who is a majority in the Senate, was one of the Republicans who spoke out in support of accepting the election college results and supporting the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, which angered Trump.

“Once someone gets 270, I understand that they are ruling right now, but I think that’s the action we have, yes. Said Tune ahead of the formal election college voting process last month.

Trump’s tweet comes 19 days before he leaves the White House, and just days before the congressional joint session to formally certify the election college results Plans to join in his unsubstantiated efforts To defeat the election results.

The president returned to Washington ahead of the Jan. 6 event, where 140 House Republicans, along with at least one senator, Josh Howley of the Missouri Republican Party, will be able to vote to expel election votes in the key swing states that Trump lost. Trump praised Howley in a tweet Thursday evening.

On Friday, Hawley told reporters how many states he plans to oppose in the election college results, saying “I have not yet developed the mechanism.”

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Many of Hawley’s Republican colleagues expressed concern Friday about his plans, saying such a move could have an impact on American democracy. Sen., a retired Republican from Tennessee. Lamar Alexander said he considered Howley’s planned objection a mistake, while Utah Sen, a Trump critic. Mitt Romney said, “Spreading these kinds of rumors about our electoral system not working is dangerous for democracy and abroad.”

McConnell, who called for a certificate from Congress “The Most Consequential Vote” Faced with a challenge strongly opposed by GOP leaders, the newcomer will not respond Friday to his career when CNN asked him if he was considering any sanctions or penalties against the senator.

Dune told reporters on Friday, “This is incredibly effective, incredibly historic and a very pioneering organization. So, our members – it’s a big vote, they think about it.”

“I think we are locked in to do that now. We will give air to the objections. People may have their day in court. We will listen to everyone and we will vote,” he continued. “Like I said, in the end I think, I don’t think anything will change.”

During the conference call McConnell called Hawley in connection with the Election College objection, not Hawley

“We allow people to vote for their conscience,” Dune said, adding that many Republicans could not do much to prevent Howley from opposing them.

Trump has already begun to preview how he will spend his presidency. In recent days, the Georgian government, which he endorsed and was a loyal Trump ally until the November referendum, has suggested the resignation of Brian Kembe because he will not help defeat Biden’s victory in that state. He has repeatedly attacked Georgia’s foreign secretary, Brad Raffensberger.

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The president has raised hundreds of millions of dollars since the November 3 election, the bulk of which goes directly to a new fundraising leadership PAC, Save America, which is expected to help him donate to other candidates and political endeavors. Presidential Auction in 2024.

With this tweet, Trump is already planting the idea that he will support candidates who present the primary challenges to the current House and Senate Republicans.

For his part, Trump’s top ally, the South Dakota government, said Christie Noem would not run for the Senate seat last week.

“John Johnson is my friend. I will not challenge him. I am proud to be the Governor of South Dakota, and I urge the people to give me a chance to continue serving as Governor in 2022.” Wrote.
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Sen. of the Republican Party of Alaska for promoting the 2022 primary challenge against Dune. Lisa Murkowski blew up Trump. He told CNN on Friday, “I think it’s very interesting that he asked for a loyalty test from so many Republicans. That fact must be taken into account. “

As a key member of the GOP leadership, Tune has done a lot to advance Trump’s reasons on Capitol Hill – the tax cuts and other laws, the confirmations of Supreme Court candidates and many judges, and the Senate indictment of votes released during Trump – even though he has spoken from time to time about some of the president’s most controversial actions.

For his part, the Dune president suffocated the tweet with laughter.

“Yeah, well, finally an attacking tweet. What took him so long?” A quiet and soft-spoken Tune told reporters as he left the Capitol after a vote to overturn Trump’s veto on the security bill. “That’s fine, that’s what he communicates.”

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Dune said there was no attempt to get things done with the president: “No, I do not know what I did to deserve everything, but it’s good, like I said, I do not know anything. He changes his mind as soon as he creates it.”

This report has been updated with additional reporting.

CNN’s Carolyn Kelly contributed to the report.

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