Trump is changing the White House staff’s priority plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Trump is changing the White House staff’s priority plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine

President Trump tweeted Sunday night that he had been suspended Administrative Order White House staff should be given the COVID-19 vaccine as a priority, but he or she will be vaccinated against the virus “at the appropriate time.”

Why this is important: Says NIIT Director Anthony Fucci 75% –80% Americans The herd should be vaccinated against the corona virus to achieve immunity. Vaccine adoption is a matter of hope and trust in most companies Generational depression will strike.

  • National Directors of Health Francis Collins said On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, he urged people to “ignore all of those terrible conspiracy theories” that the vaccine suspicion is “of great concern to all of us.”
  • National Security Council spokesman John Ulliot quoted US officials in three government branches as saying the vaccine was “safe”. Priority is given For vaccination.

Note: Biden, who was elected president, said Before the FDA released a Emergency use authorization Pfizer-Bioentech’s corona virus vaccine will be vaccinated as soon as it is deemed safe.

Large image: The first volume Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines He left Michigan earlier Sunday.

  • The product contains a small number of vaccines, and the CDC recommends prioritizing high-risk groups, including health workers and long-term care facility residents.

By numbers: Viral diseases and deaths continue to rise across the United States Nearly 300,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and nearly 16.3 million have tested positive, To Johns Hopkins.

Go deeper: Central America is still raising a ton of new corona virus cases

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