Trump ‘s’ accusation’ reaches Senate and tests his rise in Republican | International

Trump ‘s’ accusation’ reaches Senate and tests his rise in Republican |  International
Leading Congressman Jamie Raskin leads the indictment, a panel of lawmakers who will be prosecuted during Trump’s trial.Jonathan ERNST / Reuters

The second charge or Indictment Contra Donald Trump Arrived in the Senate this Monday and gave the start signal for a parallel process: Finally Test The power of the former president over the Republican Party is to take a picture again and decide whether to release or punish the President of New York. After the attack on Congress on January 6th He provoked himself by a mob and tried to prevent it from being confirmed Joe Biden as the new president. Trump faces charges of “inciting insurgency”, two months after it claimed five lives and was accused of electoral fraud.

Calls Managers Of Indictment, A group of nine Democratic congressmen accused of pursuing the case against the former Republican leader marched ceremoniously from the House of Representatives to the Senate at 7 p.m. to officially transfer the charge to Trump. During this process, the upper house becomes a court, and senators become members of the arbitral tribunal who must vote for their future disqualification, in addition to their guilt or innocence. They will take office this Tuesday and send a summons to the former president.

It’s about one Indictment Unprecedentedly, it takes place outside the White House with an already victimized person, and after a transparent procedure in the House of Representatives. The trial is set to begin in the week of February 8. Democrats and Republicans reached an agreement last week Until then, on the one hand, there is time to prepare for the president’s defense, and on the other hand, the Senate can confirm to members of the new U.S. government nominated by recent President Joe Biden, who took office a week ago. The last Indictment, In which Trump was prosecuted for pressure on Ukraine, so that the country’s justice would wash dirty clothes on Biden, which lasted three weeks, but some Democrats say it will be short-lived.

As far as Republicans are concerned, this case is provoking internal divisions. Like the big swords senator from the Grand Old Party Mid Romney Or President of the Senate, Mitch McConnellAlthough they have not publicly expressed their desire to condemn the former president, they have publicly condemned the president’s actions and blamed him for the attack on Capitol. Others, such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio, called it “stupid” to hold an investigation against Trump, who is no longer in government because of divisions in the country.

Required votes

The verdict requires the support of two-thirds of the senators, 67 out of 100, Republicans and Democrats are tied to 50 to 50, so he will need the support of 17 members of his own party to be convicted. A year ago, Trump was acquitted of abusing power – 52 to 48 – and blocked Congress – from 53 to 47 – against all Democrats. Today the Conservatives are not a coalition in favor of the president outside the White House. On Jan. 13, when the House of Representatives approved the indictment, 10 Republicans voted in favor of 222 Democrats. Still, conviction seems even harder. With the exception of senators who wholeheartedly support the president, many are voting in fear that the chancellor on the street will be rejected in the referendum if they are proven guilty and if he is proven guilty.

In summary of his plot, The House of Representatives not only advocated Trump’s action on January 6, but also spread lies about his conduct in previous months, election irregularities, and pressured officials to reverse the decision. Phone calls to Georgian authorities Revealed Washington Post Or public appeals to former Vice President Mike Pence. Remember his “fiery speech” on the day of the attack. How that January 6 forced them to march to the Capitol to protest the confirmation of an “illegal president.” “If you don’t fight like hell, you won’t have a country anymore,” he told them.

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Unlike then, the Chief Justice, Justice John Roberts, will preside over the process, and the Constitution requires that the sitting President be affected by the procedure. He will be the oldest Democratic senator in the House, Patrick J. of Vermont. Leehi. Lehani, 80, has been a senator and president since 1974 For now A few days ago in the Senate, Democrats regained effective control of this House, albeit tied to seats with Republicans. The country’s vice president, Senate President Kamala Harris, received the tiebreaker vote.

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